Universal basic income


There is no need for self-limitations — Costs of production of goods are dropping, robots will be able to do all the work for us. Where the money will go? Maybe you want to pay the robots for the work in the future?


Actually…yes. There’s nothing stopping machines from accepting/earning/spending crypto.


You really think you have freedom, well I guess you do still have a limited sort of freedom at the moment wait until the Chinese have finished the Social Credit experiment & roll it out country wide.

The next step from there is that the Globalists get their way & for our own good & safety (remember the war on Terror) tell us that we all need to be a looked after & join the Social Credit system as they roll it out on a global scale welcome to prison planet.


No, we are far from freedom. I didn’t say that we have freedom, nor imply it. I said “capitalism is a result of freedom.” Do you really think we have capitalism?


What would happen if we would take a 3D printer and print organic food for virtually no cost and then go to The House of Commons or The US Congress and say – Hey! Let’s do this – Let’s start printing everything for free and free the world from poverty? I mean here a solid plan, of course — nothing exciting really — realisation of this would be like a widespread sigh of relief.


Whenever I see these topics online, I find there’s usually a pattern where the biggest proponents are those who seem to lack the wherewithal to make their way in the world. I mean, success isn’t just given to the privileged, contrary to what everyone seems to think nowadays. It requires careful planning, a LOT of sacrifice, a willingness to make hard choices, and a work ethic to see things through. At a young age, you have to invest in yourself. Forego the weekend parties to study extra harder, seek out counsel from people who you can learn from, and decide the path you want to pursue. You have to be willing to put in investments of effort, energy, and time that you may not even see a return on for the next 10 to 15 years. You have to always seek out ways to do things better, from the seemingly insignificant to the at times overwhelming. You have to develop an ability to react to chaos sometimes and the courage to know that you will fail and fail often. From that, you have to develop an ability to learn from your failures, adjust, and press forward.

Stuff like UBI is for people who lack the discipline and self control to be masters of their own lives and want someone else to do all the hard work from which they will benefit. This is why successful people look down on the very concept as anathema, because they did all the work. They spent years of their lives, precious time and energy to make for themselves and their families something better and more comfortable as a payoff, and to have some government body take a portion of that and hand it over to able-bodied people who are otherwise frail in constitution is absolutely disgusting.


Here here.


With all the respect to the effective work, honest practice and to you — You have that kind of impression regarding UBI because it may negatively affect your sense of success. I’m talking here about an implementation of UBI as a part of the great transformation on the way of the conscious evolution.

I do think that you are talking about a good approach but I also think that everyone deserves it — an exclusivity of success is balanced with an experience of its lack — I wouldn’t take here as an example an ordinary competitive business undertaking — I would point out poverty caused by a war. There is a reason why we call wrong actions as mistakes — Believe me, no one will want to continue mistaken life with a consciousness of enlightened modalities.

Would you imply that some UBI people will play lazy ass and with their annoying grumpy behavior poke big guys?

You say UBI is a bad idea — I say this conversation should not be framed in a simple understanding of what is considered as a normal human life. We should not talk about this in terms of ‘good and bad’ — Something is or there is a lack of something. You mentioned that a lot of people started their journeys with a sense of a lack of a success and then achieved an effective self-realisation because of a hard work — The introductory difficulties in life can be removed. Everyone would be able to put more effective effort into personal and collective development after an implementation of the UBI — overall outcome would be very progressive.

You are talking about disgust — More disgusting is an ignorance in consideration of a real human potential — There are people who call making a shit as a hard work and use dollars as toilet paper. That kind of people will scam some less fortunate fellows and name it as a success – this is disgusting!!


Adversity creates character. Without it, people lack an appreciation for where they are and where they came from. It’s part of what makes us human. Look at the evolution of society as it stands now-- 100 years ago, people persevered through times of depression, and yes, even war. I’m not saying we need to keep war as a regular occurrence to perpetuate that struggle, because it comes from many sources. The need to eat creates the need to farm and to hunt or to pay for someone else with the skill to do it as a fair trade of value. The need for shelter creates the need to build or to pay for someone else with the skill. The need to pay instead of performing these tasks oneself creates the need to trade the value of their own skill, craftsmanship, or time for other currency with which to trade. As a result of these basic struggles, the characters of our grand parents and their parents were much stronger, more grounded in the realities of life, and resilient against superficial concerns of relative insignificance.

Nowadays, these things are taken for granted. Most people in developed nations are able to come by these things with relatively little struggle or adversity when compared to 100 years ago. Our forefathers just a couple of generations back would be completely ashamed of what we’ve become as it is. Rather than toil to survive and become hardier, we’ve become so frail and dainty that we’ve now found the time to get upset because someone may have said bad words on the internet. We’re such a fragile society that college campuses have safe spaces, complete with coloring books and hot chocolate to shelter the oh-so precious from opinions that might differ from their own. We call for the banning of traditional entertainment because, for example, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer promotes bullying and misogyny. Rather than focus as a society on how to overcome the day to day struggles, we’ve found the free time to get bent out of shape over the stupidest reasons, and have devoted vast amounts of energy toward expressing that upset in ways that are costing others their own lives and livelihoods. I’m absolutely certain this is because we’ve become an over-convenienced society with way too much time available.

I’d shudder to think what society would become if all basic needs and sources of concern were removed. People would find new things to make war over, because despite our advancement over lesser creatures, humans are still a savage race at heart.

Of course, I only speak of my experience within my own society in America, but the word “universal” assumes that the fruits of my labor may end up going to some backwater Asscrackistan out of some kind of United Nations mandate. To that, I say absolutely no, and will fight to the death to protect that which I worked hard for. If the people of a country are struggling due to mismanagement of their government, then they need to unify against that government and make it better for themselves (looking at you Mexico and Honduras) rather than expect another nation of people to give up their labors’ fruits out of a sense of entitlement.


I think Capitalism is limited freedom, limited to freedom for those at the top of the chain 1 or 2 % the rest are debit slaves or worse for those at the bottom end of the capitalist chain who cant even get the credit to qualify as a slave, they are the forgotten, unseen, unbanked who live in a capitalist hell as exist in.


Well, you think wrong. This is just NPC talk.


I think what I like mate so right or wrong is not for you to decide, what is NPC talk ?


What you are describing is centralization, not capitalism, not sovereignty over yourself. Decentralization is the solution to the “inequalities” of which you speak, and decentralization is a move toward capitalism. You have it bassakwards.


Irony…not knowing if one is an NPC.




I think you have it the wrong way around here, look at the bankers for instance the very antithesis of Capitalism am sure you will agree. Ask the bankers and see how many of them want decentralization, XRP is your answer they don’t want decentralization they want centralized control just as they have always had so that they can basically do what they want now that they have bought all of the politicians off.


Let me say it very clearly…what you are describing is not capitalism.


what a load of bullshit…NPC my Arse


This is what I described as Capitalism, an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

This is Capitalism No?


Private owners for Profit dont want decentralization I can assure you