Universal basic income


For XRP, you have that backwards too…the fact that XRP cannot be mined, and instead, coins can be created by the central authority that created it, Ripple is indeed a centralized system. The reality is that if the authority that owns Ripple decided that it wanted to manipulate the system, that authority could do so.


What’s wrong with profit?


Ripple is a private centralized blockchain so I don’t see how you can say that its not the toy of the capitalist elites, and the capitalist elites are the masters of manipulation that’s why they continually crash the systems to profit from the misery they create for those further down the food chain.

I would love to hear your thoughts on BTC is it freedom ?


There’s nothing wrong with profit (if its created in the just way) but much is wrong with the unequal distribution of wealth around the world & the fact that certain elites own & control the majority of the wealth which is either stolen or conned from both individuals or counties.


define “created in the just way.”


What we have in this country is definitely not Capitalism in the Adam Smith definition. What we have is corporatism which is closer to Fascism than Capitalism


Created by companies that look after the workers by paying them a decent wage, give them a % of the profits as a bonus, companies that work to ecological & environmental principles,


@lordhumungus still waiting for you response to “I would love to hear your thoughts on BTC is it going to create freedom ?”


BTC is a product of freedom, not the source.


Define “decent wage” and “% of profits.” Here’s what’s going on here…you don’t want answers that don’t fit what YOU demand others to believe…you silly fascist. The solution is not some other form of fascism like this UBI nonsense. Capitalism is what existed pre-government. Government serves free people, with limits defined by the people, not the other way around.


I’m going to link you to a guy that I don’t necessarily agree with on everything, but you clearly need to listen to rational thought instead of whatever blue pill nonsense you are infected with. https://youtu.be/CJAU-OJfZ4I


I don’t think you understand the issue at hand. Just to be clear though I have been very successful in my work life and busted my balls to get everything I have achieved. I am in the fortunate position of not having to work if I don’t want to but I choose to work in Tech as I enjoy it and I like blockchain for the potential of the technology rather than simply the potential of monetary reward.

I don’t think that UBI based on all the current models I have seen is the answer because I don’t think the economics work but we are going to need something like it in the next 20-30 years. The issue isn’t about people choosing not to work (or being lazy although some are) it is about the real issue of technological unemployment and the very high likelihood that there simply won’t be jobs that pay for humans in the next few decades as more and more jobs can be done by machines. That includes every job that you or I do. The economic singularity is a more real threat to humanity than the technological singularity or things like climate change. We will need to find an answer and part of that will mean people getting things without working for them!


I look at the evolution very often. People were much less informed a 100 years ago. I could continue and say that we are much healthier and therefore stronger but in general, (for example) in a face of a natural disaster, we are as fragile as we were since the beginning and we are nothing without each other.

An affection regarding past suffering may help appreciate happiness or love — but it is stupid to make life harder in order to be sloppy about that later. You are talking about a problem of mindfulness and memory. A person would naturally appreciate a stream of carefully maintained life - this is the nature of self-consciousness. There is no need for any adversity!!


If we have machines taking all the jobs, we have to recognize the potential for mass abundance. In a decentralized world, everyone benefits from the productivity of the machines, because everyone is an owner and a user. If everything of value can be digitized and monetized in ways hard to imagine right now, and everyone can share in that value in some way without authoritarian redistribution schemes such as UBI, then what’s not to like? Gotta think outside of the centralized box we live in now.


Sadly BTC is not freedom in any shape, yes the original ideal looked good & I myslef believed that it would be a great way for the avarage person to get away from the bankers & the fiat con job they have been running on us all for years & years.

Often what we wish for never happens or happens in a form that’s not what we hoped or expected, BTC is almost a mirror of the current financial system with a very small % holding most of the assest supply & controling and manipulating it for there own ends, the avarage person got suckered (fomo) in on the way to 20k then got rekt as the price headed south.

So BTC isnt a product of freedom, it was an ideal that like many others became corrupted, corrupted by those elites in control at the top who are driven by greed & power.


Thanks for the link, I watched & heard more of the same elitest bull, the guy is talking about working £60k jobs that’s not the norm & he’s talking to a room full of kids that the elites have already got upto their necks in debt before they even finish school just the way they like it, a slave for life.

So heres a link for you have a read of this https://truepublica.org.uk/united-kingdom/the-book-brexit-a-corporate-coup-detat/ & see how those loverly people at the top of the pile are manipulating our world for their own greed/need…


I have copied this from @AAA_ZioiZ thread because it highlights a lot of what I am trying to get accross to you that the elites greed knows no bounds & that they take the piss out of the avarage person as they calmmer to own everything…

When the bankers own the politicians like they do now on both sides of the atlantic then we have lost control & they psychos in the boardroom who want it all have won.


UBI may be considered as a part of a new kind of system. It does not have to come from a particular government. It may be a result of a co-operation between several companies/corporations & governments sometime in the future. The thing is that our interactivity will be better and better and we already have a good foundation for very effective communication. It is important to talk about the huge profits which the future will bring — We must appropriately distribute it according to the natural sense of oneness. We don’t want corporations to take everything unless we will create something like one global free corporation where everyone is a participant. Consequently, there is a need for something new if not ordinary UBI – perhaps run by AI with a decentralised supervision of users.

I must add that implementation UBI in the USA will be a good step towards the bright future I was thinking about.


OK, let’s start over…My premise is that you aspire to be a parasite, prove me wrong, with specifics.


fools make presumptious statements when they dont have the facts, you dont know me in anyway shape or form. Therfore I take offence at your premise that I aspire to be a parasite, what do you base this on ?

I have worked & paid tax all of my life, I have worked to much for my likeing & paid way too much tax for my liking but I do it for this reason, I live in a country that had one of the best social services in the world providing free health care & free education until the elites (Your People) decided they wanted a big bite of this loverly free lunch (our tax money) they were missing out on & at the same time they decided to close the door on the free education & charge outrageious fees to stop the masses from getting educated and wise to the scams & con’s these parasitic elites have been running on the dumb fuckers for years.

So time for you to take off your mask & reveal yourself as you dont seem to be able to do anything other than cast aspersions.