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Why are you not investing in Stellar Lumens?

Seriously. I feel like Jerry Seinfeld in the episode where he’s dating a beautiful women who seems to have everything a man could want, yet everyone else around him thinks shes a loser. Just a note, I hold no positions in Stellar Lumens. has a great team and support behind them. Good partnerships, technology and a real world business problem being solved. It facilitates transactions and lowers costs. It’s similar to OmiseGo.

It was created by Jed McCaleb who created a little crypto called Ripple. :grinning:

Stellar has more potential for success than a large majority of the cryptoassets being invested and traded today yet the price of their cryptocurrency, Lumen, continues to slowly drop.

Why isn’t this crypto talked about and invested in more? Is there something I’m missing?


So I think I’m discovering why price is slowly tanking. It appears Stellar is/will be giving away most “Lumens” over time.

Start here! Everything you need to know about Stellar.

I’m definitely going to research more but it appears to me that Stellar Lumens would not be a good “investment” Stellar controls 95% of the “Lumens” and will be giving it away over time.


Stellar what?

Seriously, never heard of it. How about a coin review from @peter’s spreadsheet template? :smiley:

After all, can’t invest in whatcha don’t know about.



It’s ranked #32 for marketcap on Coinmarketcap for all cryptoassets

It’s one of the highest rated cryptos when sorted by “score” on Coincheckup

I put together a quick and dirty crypto rating spreadhseet to help myself sort through all of the shitcoins and invest in the top 20-30 cryptos with long term potential. It’s not exhaustive, I just quickly rate each coin according to my own observations on the team, backers, developers, hype and market potential. It rated as one of highest so far but the price is slowly dying and most people aren’t familiar with it. I just can’t understand the price slide when compared with the team and project.

I can only assume it’s because the project itself doesn’t make marketing or promotion a big priority. Maybe they have enough funding and just want to fly under the radar. I don’t know. But when you compare it with 90% of the garbage thats out there, it’s got far more potential for a long term investment.

They are ranked #32 so they aren’t that invisible.


Are you willing to share your spreadsheet? I’d love to check it out and learn more from what you’ve put together and help add my own thoughts to your research. I’m sure others would join in! This is the kind of research I like to do and share details about in order for all of us to learn from each other and make wiser investment decisions.


Good “Free” Coin - will keep it. All I know I just keep getting more free coin. :cowboy_hat_face:


Sure. I just need to tighten it up a bit. I’m a spreadsheet novice and certainly no @cryptoBrad. I’m almost embarrassed to post it compared to what he created.

It’s just a simple way for me to keep track of the cryptos and quickly glance and sort which ones are most valuable to me.


Well… Stellar is, in fact, another Ripple. Basically, CEO of Stellar worked at Ripple and did not like something. So he decided to make his own crypto.
Stellar got pumped when I first started dealing with crypto (3 or so month ago), back then it was pretty popular coin. But then it was dumped pretty hard. I removed my position on stellar after all.
But yeah… It’s just another Ripple-type coin aimed towards banks.
Altho I believe their motto was “Bank the Unbanked” or something similar…


Dont Be. we all started as novices once. I am sure there was a time @cryptoBrad did not know that much about spread sheets. it takes time to learn all this just dont stop learning.

This is how a lot of software starts scratching your own itch.


I was actually just reading about that.

It wasn’t a pump, they released 16 billion Lumens to Bitcoins holders.

Juust reading about the creator Jed. Apparently there was a really nasty breakup between him and some other co-founders of Ripple. He dumped his Ripple shares causing the price to crash and there was big lawsuit between he and the others.

Looks like Stellar Lumens is trying to go after the “unbanked” in the 3rd world and other places where the poor don’t have access to banking. Noble for sure but that is separate from a good investment.

It’s a modified version of Ripple. I think Ripple is going after major banking institutions where Stellar is trying to be the bank in some ways for the poor. They both appear to want to be in governmental compliance whereas most cryptos aim to be free of control.


Nice movement on Stellar Lumens in the last 24 hours, up around 30%. I made some decent bread with it when I first started trading alts back in July. I might get back into it, gotta work on doing some solid analysis like Peter has been teaching us in the B90X to decide on a good entry point. I don’t like buying stuff when it is green, but this could continue to go up. Someone compared this to OMG, which has been consistently dropping, and I’m thinking about entering back into that too while I wait for NEO to come back down.


MACD and RSI analysis show that I missed the boat on the last swing with XLM, but LTC, OMG, and BCH are looking like they are about to break that low 30 level on RSI and MACD indicates a change in direction soon. Just FYI. Please, let me know if anyone else is using different indicators that add to the bigger picture. Thanks in advance :smiley:


Got IBM and LUMENS on SIBOS tommorow

jump in :slight_smile:


What does this mean? XLM is blowing up :smiley:


yup , as you can see :] hope you jumped in at sub 400 sats


I didn’t think that would happen until after the bitcoin fork based on the RSI and MACD indicators, it just kind of popped up on me >< hehe. I guess that is the power of meta data and release news :wink: I was just observing, I’m glad someone else could profit though.


Food for thought as Stellar sits in a very buyable position right now:

Hello everyone! The future of Stellar is bright! Let’s recap some important things we’ve seen recently.
On November 14th, Michael Dowling, the Group CTO and Chief Architect for Blockchain Financial Services at IBM, posted a tweet on Twitter that showed a successful deposit and withdraw of 2 Singapore dollars.
When depositing the money, it exchanged it into lumens. When he withdrew the money, it exchanged the money from lumens back into Singapore dollars. His tweet said "Oh, you wanna buy #xlm #lumens but with cash? These brilliant folks at @StellarOrg made it possible. The #xlm #atm. This opens liquidity between fiat and xlm!"
PARTNERSHIPS & POTENTIAL PARTNERSHIPS: It’s by now well known that IBM and KlickEx partnered with Stellar. Here’s some things to know:
According to: – In an interview with Blue Star Capital PLC (LON:BLU) Chief Executive Officer Tony Fabrizi and SatoshiPay Founder Meinhard Benn, they discuss SatoshiPay’s new partner Stellar Development Foundation (SDF). Here are the main takeaways: Q1: We saw this morning an update from Blue Star Capital, the announcement sounds very positive. Meinhard, can you explain for us in simple terms what this achieves for SatoshiPay? A1: Yes, so at the very core we have ledger technologies and we used Bitcoin so far, Bitcoin isn’t really usable for our use case anymore, so we are now happy to have a stable, mature technology in Stellar that allows us to do fast settlements, it only takes about 5 seconds now for us to settle a payment. Q3: So, when can we expect to see some larger customers deploying the [Stellar] system? A3: On December 7th in Berlin and December 11th in London we will have launch events where we’ll introduce some content partnerships. Throughout 2018, we expect big brands to sign up with ongoing conversation but with bigger news organisations it always has long lead times. The Stellar grant will help a lot actually in convincing customers because they’re sort of a guaranteed income for them because with Stellar lumens that our users have need to be spent on something."
This means more people will be using Stellar!
According to: – “Starting in 2018, all of SatoshiPay’s transactions are expected to be via the Stellar network. As part of its marketing program, SDF has pledged to credit the first 100,000 users creating a wallet through SatoshiPay with 500 Lumens each which have a current value of approximately 13 euros.” This news looks AWESOME.
When I took a closer look at Michael Dowling’s tweet about the Stellar ATM, I noticed on the two sheets of paper in the picture it says “NFT Mobile Money ATM Receipt.” After some searching, I figured out there is a chance that Stellar will partner with NFT Consult, which is the leading human resources firm in East Africa, covering Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, South Sudan and Kenya. Check this link out: – At 2:45, you can see the same exact receipt that was in Michael Dowling’s tweet! I believe Stellar has a partnership with NFT Consult on the way and they will be using lumens! At 4:00, we actually see how the mobile banking will work! Stellar is accomplishing it’s goals to "connect people, payment systems, and banks with a focus on a developing world."
On November 15th, Stellar tweeted: “Join us! We’ll be @500Startups HQ tomorrow for our latest #SF @StellarOrg #Blockchain Meetup.” – A little glimpse into @500Startups twitter page and their bio says “500 Startups is a seed fund & a network of startup programs. Founded by PayPal & Google alums.” There will be investors and creators there. Who know’s what attention, investors, or news will come from this meeting.
According to: – On November 15th, Brit Yonge, co-founder of (which supports global partner activities for the Stellar network), gave a presentation about at the Inclusive Blockchain Conference in Singapore. Hmmm could he have been attracting investors? Or talking about the Singapore dollar that Michael Dowling was converting into lumens with the Stellar ATM? :wink:
According to: – This post is called One Billion more Lumens Released by SDF… To Who? and was posted by /u/c_meek. Basically, Stellar saw an increase of around 1 billion lumens over the past few days. On Nov. 12th the volume was 16,588,351,568, and Nov. 15th the volume jumped to 17,715,172,896 XLM. What caused this? User /u/b1tcc said “It’s from the Partnership Grant Program, expect a big announcement soon.” I agree with him and here’s why: According to the website I referenced earlier, SatoshiPay CEO Meinhard Benn said: “We are thrilled to be working with Stellar’s technology to deliver our updated product to market in what we believe is the fastest way possible. We expect the generous 50 million Lumen which Stellar is giving to be a significant help in growing our user and client base.” Now we see a giveaway of 1 billion lumens. If they gave 50 million away to SatoshiPay, imagine the partnership that got around 1 billion lumens. It could be huge.
Last thing to remember. According to in 2014, “Stripe contributed $3M to help get the project [Stellar] going. In return, we received 2% of the stellars [lumens].” Remember that Stripe is a huge player in Stellar. They have approximately 2 billion lumens, which is worth around $60 million today. If Stripe decides to come out from hibernation and starts using and implementing lumens, it will change Stellar.
What are your thoughts about Stellar? What do you see in the future of Stellar? Any important news you want to share? Comment below.

tl;dr - there are a few clues that suggest that there may be some mainstream adoption incoming for Stellar. Or someone’s putting 2 and 2 together to make 7634.


Been watching Stellar Lumens for a couple of weeks. Finally had a nice break out to 20-30% increase:




huh. things are moving in a much different direction now…


So I finally got some time to dig in a little on Stellar Lumens. It’s an interesting project much in the same vein as NEO, Ripple, etc. in that it will facilitate exchanges between any two “things” and what’s interesting is that virtually anything can be paired to Lumens in a decentralized fashion. It takes two parties – the one with something to sell/exchange and someone else to extend what’s essentially a line-of-credit (or trustline, I think they call it).

I think Lumens is good for day/swing trading, but not so good for HODL because of the number of tokens issued and the fact that this token is meant to “stay cheap” and affordable for exchanges to move with little friction and high speed. Also, as @CryptoMoon pointed out, 95% of the tokens will be given away. Stripe has 2 billion tokens as part of their angel investment.


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