UPS Power backups and surge protectors


Anyone running UPS power backups on their mining rigs?

With us in GA currently experiencing what’s left of Hurricane Irma, it got me thinking about UPS power backups. When I first looked into it, it wasn’t a concern of ours. Going down for 24 hours wasn’t that big of a loss. However, with increase difficulty and profits getting lower, is it time to consider backup power supplies?

The demand these UPS’s would need is crazy and when I looked, we are talking $30k.


Woah… thats super expensive dude!


Yea, it’s ridiculous the cost for the backup power. Companies like Amazon lose millions an hour if their servers are down. So an investment like this is feasible for them.

I don’t believe this is feasible at our level but if maybe someone in the Pub has another, cheaper solution, we could consider it.


i am using UPS to prevent problem with energy surges, spikes, dips( dirty power)

also in the event of power loss my rig is set to auto shutdown within minute as ups is unable to sustain heavy usage for long time with internal battery


With US fuel prices,a generator wouldn’t be a better option? I have a 7,5 kW diesel one with power loss detection, it consumes only 1,5l/h at 80% load. And it was only 1000$.


Any way to check number of power outages in your area last year? This may tell you if it would be worth it. I would definitely track the number of outages going forward.


Just keeping generators on hand would probably work, and would be much cheaper. You would have to be nearby to switch them on though

Edit: Just saw @kameleokamelei 's post. What he said lol


I have UPS on my rig… but not for downtime… I mean even the beefiest UPS is only going to keep your rig running for 30-40 minutes. if you want to stay up in a power outage you need a generator not a UPS :slight_smile:

I keep everything connected to a UPS so that if i get hit with a power outage i can gracefully power everything down so it isnt damaged by an abrupt shutdown.


I know some of the UPS have auto shut off. We would need that feature because our rigs are not in our houses anymore. Our rigs are in an office about 10 mins from my house.


Any new UPS should have this feature. pretty much eveything APC makes.


FWIW, I’ve been contemplating natural gas power generator in the attic since the furnace is already there with large enough pipe. I’m not yet sure where this is going, but it’s an idea to put out here.



hi, i’ve read in your post that you have a UPS system for your mining rig that automatically stops mining and shuts down the rig safely when power is down. Thats really cool and i want to have that on my rig also, Can you help me or give me any info how to do that? Please, thanks


this could only apply to small miner … as i only own 3 gpu total of 700W, there are bigger UPS but it will cost alot

have a eaton Ellipse pro 1600va /1000w, expected run time is 3min, as the ups is connected to my PC via usb , i use eaton software to monitor my ups and apply setting to system shut down criteria


thanks for your respond mate, ive had 4 GPU’s with a 750watt psu and a 1200VA UPS. UPS wasnt enough for the load, and now my psu isnt working fine. Iam planning to get a 2000vA UPs so going to do the same thing you did with your rig. So i need help with that mate, How does it work mate? Is it just shuts the pc down or close the miner first and then shuts the pc?


it will just close everything and shut down the pc like you hit the shutdown button by accident


ok thanks cool, Do you think 750 watts enough for 3 rx 580 undervolted and a rx 480 ?


when planning for power you should go by max output to account for a spike or surge. go by the max the cards can output power wise.


yes wit my setup i thought it was enough. Cause My UPS will alarm when it overload it’s threshhold. My 1200vA ups seems to hold until 720 watts. When i was using it with my 750Watts Corsair PSU it never beeped using 4 Undervolted Gpu’s,so i thought the power was still enough. But now My PSU and UPS seems to be failed and not working properly. So what is the amount of psu you are suggesting to me?


It doesn’t matter what the PSU’s are it matters what the actual kW power draw is. This needs to be measured or calculated like @JasonMasterNET stated.

You could put a 1200w power supply on a 900VA UPS and not overload it because it is dependent on how much load is on the 1200w power supply not its rating.


I run a 17kW natural gas here with an auto switch. It will run my whole house and comes on 10 seconds after a power failure. The only problem is I would need to be home to restart the miner. To be fair I had the genny before the miner. I also have 2 more gasoline generators and 1 dual fuel gasoline and propane for extreme redundancy. Also solar set up stored for a last resort. Psu was expensive for just the miner so I don’t have one.