UrbYEN Dictionary - YEN Terms and Culture Defined



UrbYEN Dictionary - YEN Terms and Culture Defined!

There’s always a learning curve when entering a new world. Understanding #yen Culture, Customs, and our unique Dialect takes time - so let’s get you on your feet, Yenizens!

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UrbYEN Dictionary

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A source of definitions for topics related to #yen culture.

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“What’s a #Yen’iwhale? Consult the UrbYEN Dictionary.”

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What emerging #yen terms can you add?

The "Put me to Work" / "How Can I Help" Thread

Plural YENises
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A male Yenizen sex organ used to pwn the market. A YEN.io troll.

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@GrillingWithGuns makes me the proudest when he is being a YENis and trolling the site”



A member of the #yen community who has taken on a leadership role in mentoring new users of Yen.io

“Hello (new user), I’ll be your YEN’tor for your first week on Yen.io!”

#mentor #onboarding #help #yenhelp #yen #yenio


yenti has to do with tenticale rape, a mentor would be a yentor


Noun, adjective.
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Insane aggression/excitement displayed on YEN.io

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@john @peter are YENsane in the meta game blockchain."


Redefine and refine, you #YEN’ker. Best one sticks.



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A series of informative questions involving a thriving member of the YEN.io community that is hopefully recorded in some facet.

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“ I can’t wait to watch @Agentskull interview with Jesus. He always ask those hard hitting questions. ”


YENdecent Exposure

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To show a screenshot of your crypto holdings on a public forum. To show your YENis without want or desire by those around you on YEN.io.

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“That newb in the YENiverse is totally guilty of YENdecent exposure by flashing a picture of his TRX wallet then quickly deleted it. No class. ”


OMG I would love to know where I can find in URbYEN Dictionary word which describes me the moist funny, intelligent, woke and fookTOP people ever.


This is why we need the UrbYEN Dictionary. I have no idea what you just said @kimchi :pdealwithit: You’re on another level.


Yeniverse - The whole world
Yenicorn - The Yen mascot
Yenizens - The people of Yen


Yenation / YenNation




  1. The branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth in the yeniverse

  2. The condition of a region or group as regards material prosperity.

“he is responsible for the island’s modest yenconomics”


The Yenti is a lonely one horned monster that just wants to party with confetti :tada:


Might I suggest “YEN’nomics”. A little easier on my eyes and economist brain.


these types of threads are essentially why i love this community (and the internet).

fucking lol.


Yen Gangsters (Yengsters)

via: https://beta.yen.io/j-dub/status/154030742727055


I cannot wait to talk with Jesus. The real question is “Am I worthy”


The amount of time you wait before you can be back on Yen.io


patience pays! We are not ready yet but when we will, you will be highly rewarded!