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YENing / Doing ANYTHING on YEN!!

YENtice / your apprentice on Yen. Green Beans You invite to Yen!

YENoshi / Yoshi copyright infringement lol





The YEN’gine for our YEN’ergy from Yoken. .


So YENergized right now!


YENturians - The First 100 onboarded to YEN


explosion in the yenji’s :explopants: < is this old? havent been around for ages lol


YENtenials - What you call your 100 year old Grandparents on Yen.io



The fuel that propels any fatcat Yenicorn, an essential part of any balanced diet.

“Pass the Yentils, we’re going to the moon.”



One who may not understand what Yen is, but is so excited about the project that they shill it and create content about it.

“This Yentard’s video doesn’t explain Yen in the slightest, but it sure does a good job of confusingly shilling it.”

Not @Nekko


I ducking love this.


OY - Original Yengsters. -
“The alpha cohort class is the OY’s of Yen.”


Is this supposed to be a quote of mine because that is how it sounds.


Nope, just tagging you, since you inspired it. I think it does a good job summarizing a long paragraph you wrote recently. I’ll edit it to ease any confusion.



No more “meetups”. They are to be called yencons. Yen conference. :heart_eyes:


Why does everything have to be Repulic’yens vs Yen’ocrats



yenternauta n común (quien navega por Yen) Yen user n
yenternauta adj (que navega por Yen) Yen-using adj



Yen-Idea - Venture idea represented by YENizens

Ture is I just want that thread active :dicaprio3: