US Investors Invited to eToro Trading



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One of the best-used trading platforms, eToro, is preparing to open up to US investors. A waiting list opened up this May 15 for American buyers, who can test the eToro features with a demo account.

Initially a forex platform, eToro has expanded to some of the hottest digital assets.

“eToro will continue to focus on simplicity and user-friendliness so that more diverse groups will feel welcomed into the global crypto community. U.S. crypto holders have a strong appetite for diversified portfolios and we’re committed to offering the best tools and assets to help them manage their investments all in one place,” said Yoni Assia, CEO and founder of eToro.

The platform will offer U.S. investors three ways to access the crypto markets: by manually investing in a coin; by automatically copying the trades of other traders on the platform to benefit from their knowledge and investment expertise; or by investing in a Crypto CopyFund which provides a diversified portfolio of major crypto assets.

The biggest potential problem for US traders would be the offer to own the coins themselves. Currently, the status of some assets is disputed, especially in the case of Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP). However, eToro remains optimistic about the expansion:

“We are quickly moving toward a tokenized world, and digital investment platforms need to provide access to the assets investors want, allow the sharing of knowledge, and make transactions easy. eToro is committed to helping our users become better educated about both the risks and rewards that cryptocurrencies present, thereby enabling them trade and invest responsibly and successfully,” said Guy Hirsch, USA Managing Director, eToro.

The platform has spread the popularity of coins like Ripple, Stellar, and NEO, going beyond the limited offerings for US-based buyers. In a way, eToro could serve as a fiat on-ramp for acquiring digital assets.

Unlike regular crypto exchanges, where bots are sometimes prevalent, eToro has additional options to copy trades, and a closed system where orders must be made manually.

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Have to say that eToro has one of the best UI’s I have seen anywhere.

It is very far from an exchange and owning your own crypto though.


eToro has been around for like 10 years… or something like that.
For that much time… they haven’t done much…


Lots of new users in Europe start with eToro who know nothing about crypto. You do not even get your own wallets. Also a copy trader function.

I see Advertisements all over London all the time plus youtube, google etc. Nine million accounts is nothing to sniff at.

One of the few crypto related sites not being blocked by the Banks in UK.

Always good to look at some competition (hint, hint) :smile:


Forex Trading in the financial market is good enough.
Hugh numbers of investors are spending so much money on trading and also getting good revenue.
Forex Trading in the financial market under this market conditions are very good enough and any one can make benefit from Trading Forex.


Not an actual exchange: you own nothing, just speculate. No cryptocurrency deposits.
CFD trading (no actual crypto purchase).
It is centralised with high fees. hint, hint :yenio:


You can try and start with forex trading but if you do not have that much capability then no one can help you, you can own everything but for that, you need to have a mind or some pieces of mind whatever.
Trading needs a brain and if you have the brain then no one can stop you and if you do not have the mind then sorry brother sit in your home and start learning to trade.