User complains on Reddit about Coinmama´s crypto tracking policy


I take it those who are complaining didn’t do their due diligence or understand the nature of many crypto coins as in most transactions are not private. If you are using a service such as Coinmama, Apple, Google, or any other such entity you are agreeing to their terms. So for me this is a non-story.

This is my favorite quote
“Lol, the blockchain is the best surveillance tool ever created by mankind. In 20 years they can track back that you tipped a stripper with BTC yesterday since every single transaction is on the chain.”

The one about it not being in the spirit of crypto while technically is correct for some opinions. My perspective on this is that if privacy is the spirit of crypto the majority of coins would be privacy. Since this is not the case privacy isn’t the primary spirit of crypto. Being in control of your money is what I see as being the primary spirit. In this case coinmama is not breaking the spirit of crypto as the user was able to do what he wanted with his money and coinmama and government could not stop it, even though they could see it happening.

To me this seems like a lack of education and not wanting to take responsibility for ones own actions.

Just my two satoshis.


You know its funny…alot of these places used to accept gift cards as payment for crypto.

Funny how things have changed…

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