USI Tech Cease and Desist Order"?


Does anybody know anything about a “CEASE AND DESIST” Order for a Bitcoin Trader "USI tech’?


For Bitconnect in Texas, yes.


Texas issued a Cease and Desist for both Bitconnect and USI-Tech to give them time to respond to the rumors that both were Ponzi schemes. Some people equate MLM with Ponzi - not true. Now, Social Security IS a Ponzi scheme… haha…

USI-Tech discovered some of their participants were making exaggerated claims. Their attorneys recommended that USI Tech pull back from the new markets in the US and Canada while the dust cleared, which I think was a good decision. As far as I can see, no one has proven to lose money with USI Tech, although there were some account service interruptions as the flood of new members overwhelmed their member site. Everyone I know was made whole by USI-Tech for their past earnings and packages at maturity.

USI Tech just announced they are reentering the US market with a new strategy to prevent unscrupulous individuals from using their product under false claims and plan to take action against them now and in the future. Do your research and make your own decision.

I have a lot of stock market, futures, and other investing experience and will invest there, although “investing” isn’t the exact term. You are committing to let them use your money for a 6-month period, getting your daily return of about 1% per business day. Your principal with any remaining earnings in your account will be available at the end of the term to withdraw or reinvest. They are mining it with their $70,000,000 worth of software and hardware, giving you your return and paying all MLM commissions out of their profits. You can pull out your daily returns, leave them to accumulate, or buy more packages when you have accumulated the package price in your account.


USI-tech are having problems paying out, I’ve been trying since 1 January 2018. All my weekly withdrawals are still pending.


You just signed up to tell us this? How thoughtful of you.


I find these “schemes” so against what crypto is all about… The point of BTC was to give the individual OWNERSHIP of their own wealth. Not some theoretical value stored in an institution/company (ie. bank) that they could not access freely. I’d never hand over BTC to anything like USI or Bitconnect…


They’re just another bitconnect Ponzi that’ll rip your ass off. Just another scheme created by human dumpsters.


This is a strong sign that it will become a legit scam sooner or later…


I think so too. The signs are there. I’m nearly completely out of USI-tech, I’ve already got my return of >40%, if I get the last few thousand out that’s a bonus. I know a few people who never withdrew their funds because they thought it was fantastic. I feel bad for them,


its a bit more of a straightforward ponzi than bitconnect. bitconnect got by for a long time by paying back less then you gave them in BTC, relying on the BTC price rise.

USI tech appears to be a straight ponzi, once they run out of new money it should sink. or if no one has been able to withdraw since the start of Jan, its already gone.

@seikin can you withdraw now or are stuck as well?


Texas’ Securities Commissioner issued it because the company is breaking the law, and inducing their “investors” in Texas to do likewise. The state is trying to force them to stop doing that, not give them time to respond to rumors. From the press release explaining the order:

“USI-Tech is not informing investors of the danger in being paid commissions from referrals. Individuals paid these commissions must either be registered with the State Securities Board or qualify for an exemption from registration.”

“In addition to violating registration requirements, USI-Tech and the sales agents are violating State Securities Board rules by failing to disclose information investors would need to make an informed decision about whether to invest.”

You seem to be trying to chalk the legal problems up to a few “unscrupulous individuals,” but a reading of the actual cease and desist order shows that many of the allegations of illegal activity are leveled directly at the company itself, not just the two named sales agents.

It’s time to face facts that this Ponzi scheme will end like Beetconneeeeeect did.


The last few weeks payments are stuck on pending status. Apparently are claiming the delays due to their payments provider. There’s nothing I can do to speed it up, so all I can do is wait and see.


There is nothing easy, no business will give you guaranteed returns… we have lots of this companies setting up base in Kenya and Africa… its only a matter of time. USI Tech and Bitclub Advantage are the ones I have seen. People will only learn when they burn… but another new sucker is born everyday and will fall in the same trap.


Good stuff they BOTH got the letter.

Heres the thing…got my BTC ticket without using ANY of that in less than 6 months.
How many other people on the forum have done the same.

This bitconnect/usi Tech is NOT necessary.


This is very true. However, USI-tech’s 40% return on investment is not unrealistic. At the time I felt it was a low-risk investment. In fact, I have got back my investment, so I haven’t lost anything, I’ve gain 0.45 BTC for giving them 1 BTC months ago, costing me $3000.

Since then I’ve gone into buying crypto directly and have made >6500% return on other investments like ICX, >200% on NEO, ETH and LTC. Basically, I’ve tripled my Bitcoins in less than 6 months. So I say again, although I don’t like USI-tech, their promise of 40% increase in BTC is very doable and quite rubbish return. Lesson learnt. If you want to make money, do it yourself.


It’s not just the interests they have to pay people, it’s the referral bonuses that are unsustainable. Did you miss that entirely?


Sorry. I’ve posted on this before. I’ve never used the referral system with USI-tech, or voluntarily rebought their packages to compound the interest. So what I’m saying is it is possible to get that 40%, but even then, 40% is a crap return in the cryptoverse.


It’s irrelevant to the point whether you personally used the referral system or not. The point is that their model is unsustainable. So no, it is not realistic to expect them to honor your returns.


OK. I don’t think I am disagreeing with you. I also think that USI-tech will not last.

I just think 40% is easily achieved in crypto. Are you saying that no one should expect a 40% return on investment from a supposed crypto investment company?

People using USI-tech are typically new to crypto, wanting to take minimum risk. I was new 6 months ago. We both know that it’s actually high risk to allow someone else to manage your money.


I am saying it is unrealistic to expect them - or any company - to be able to pay 40% returns ON TOP of their referral bonuses.