USI TECH scam or legit


I thought with some comments in this thread here getting heated up a little I’ll deliver some facts on my personal USI-Tech investment.

To make this clear… I do not promote/recommend this and I have no people signed up under me. So no affiliate bonus of any sort going in to my calculations here!

This investment was part of some money chunks I’ve dropped on some “investment opportunities” in 07.2017.

  • I’ve invested 3,150,-- € on July 23.rd. (= 3,669.44 USD)
  • For this investment I’ve got 63 USI-Tech packages 50,-- € a pop.
  • I’ve reinvested every Package payout since then besides a small test payout.
  • I’ve accumulated 259 packages so far.
  • The first packages (63) will “go out” in a few days because 140% return is reached.
  • If I would start taking out all the profit today (100% payout) it would take ~90 working days for me to get my initial investment of 3,669.44 USD out.
  • … and after 141 working days (around 08.2018) the last package would be fulfilled and the total payout would be 8,250,-- € (~ 9,718,02 USD)
  • Again… at July the invested 3,150,-- € equaled (1 EURO = 1.1649 USD) 3,669.44 USD.
  • At this date BTC cost was 2,627.0100 USD.
  • I could’ve bought 1,396812346 BTC for 3,669.44 USD on July
  • These 1,396812346 BTC would be worth today (BTC closing price yesterday 15,066.0700 USD) 21,044.47 USD. (489,8 % gain)

You do the rest of the math and projections.

I’ve attached a shared google sheet link with the calculations for my investment including all the actual data for the investment and the package rebuys I’ve performed. The Sheet can be used to do some playing around with projections so feel free to juggle some numbers if you like.

My 2 Sats on all these investments I have done (Genisis Mining, Bitconnect, USI-Tech).

None of them, I repeat not one of them could outperform an BTC investment so far. Why is that? Well besides the BTC performance all these businesses want to make money right? Regardless if you see them as scammy or legit your feeding someone else with at least part if not all (when lost) of your investment. One last thing here… those hedging arguments you can hear about using such investment solutions every now and then, really? … Hedging your BTC investment with an BTC based other investment won’t really help. So if you want to hedge you probably should look into futures and “shorting BTC” if you can stomach that.

Mic drop.



excellent post. a question, did you send them 3150 worth of bitcoin or 3150 euros?


Thanks Brett240! I had sent BTC.


then it works the same as bitconnect. they take your bitcoin, then just give you less bitcoin back over the term of the loan/contract and hide it by touting USD figures. these types of schemes rely on the price of bitcoin going up to stay afloat and make money.

thanks for the thorough info, not many people will openly show they’re losing out on an investment


I know you’ve reinvested 100%, but with the test transaction, it was possible to withdraw in btc?

So if you begin getting out now, by Aug 2018 you will have gotten 140% return in btc? In other words, if you invested 1 btc, you would get back 1.4 btc, accumulating on business days over time, assuming no issues with the platform by the time the packages expire, correct?

Thanks so much for the insights!


It’s a bit different to Bitconnect. With USI-Tech there’s no capital release! You buy the packages and the payout, if not reinvestet, should cover the “gain”. So you’ll effectively make 40% in 140 days. The package itself is gone after 140 days. Regarding the loss on this… compared to BTC performance that’s right. But still, even if not realized 'til now the 40% gains aren’t a complete loss compared to some other things you can do not to mention negative, I’m dead serious, negative interest for money in the bank with some banks nowadays. Where there better performing investments along the way… of course! Good thing that these investments that I did where just a really small fraction of my overall crypto investments and some of my other eggs in the basket worked out just fine to say the least… :wink:


Nope… at the time I’ve invested I’ve got the equivalent of EUROs for the BTC I’ve used to buy these initial packages. When I would stop reinvesting to get 100% payout on this I would get 40% plus on my initial investment. So no, not 1,4 BTC for 1 BTC invested due to BTCs performance just a fraction of that. I recommend you look into the google sheet I’ve provided and play around with the numbers a little. If you change the “Payout in %” column for a given working day you can see how the numbers and potential payout changes. One thinkable strategy could be that, at a certain point, you only reinvest like 80% and get a daily payout of 20% to keep the package count afloat while realizing some passive income or a way to grow your BTC holdings.


Wow, so they are literally taking most of your bitcoin profits and your bitcoin and giving you back fractions in fiat.

It seems with the time involved for this and the possible lack of direct access to funds, a better long-term strategy for passive income would be to buy bitcoin incrementally over time, maybe every week for a year, and then after the first year, start selling 20% of each of your purchases starting with the first one, and take steady profits while realizing all of the btc upside.

The lack of access to my private keys for any period of time is what is always most worrying to me about these schemes.

Thanks again for the info and the work on the doc!!


You’re welcome! Yep one basic strategy could be simply DCAing. But this would imply that you, over time, drop FIAT into your investment again and again. When I have done these investments I looked at my LTC holdings and thought to myself “do something” (to lazy to drop the “do something meme” here… ;-)) I took a part of my LTC exchanged it for BTC and bought into Genisis, Bitconnect and USI-Tech. So as stated before… just using this bulk amount to buy BTC would have outperformed all 3 mentioned investments so far. So I got kicked in the butt by BTC and LTC with the recent propulsion LTC has got.

BTW sharing this was to contribute for interested people to make some informed decisions. I figured that’s part of the whole idea behind our community here. So especially the less successful investments should be shared as well more often IMHO.

At last… if you make a move to “the dark side”… and fuel your income with affiliate bonuses you could make some serious buck… but maybe lose your soul or at least your integrity in the process. :slight_smile:

I’m not judging here and I understand if people think they have to do that.

But as I have shown here if you’re honest you would have to tell possible affiliates what kind of performance they can expect from their investment just doing the investment and reinvestment. Compounding interest sounds so great and like I wrote before it’ll outperform what you can get from the banks almost any day. But my calculations have shown just buying and HODLing BTC would have made me more. Plain and simple.

Not to mention the risk involved if any of those investment platforms go belly up.


Warren, “grow your bitcoins by 1% a day (average)”. Is that a promise or is that a guarantee? If my claims are bogus, then how do you explain where the payouts come from… Oh yes, from what they say, right, Keep believing what they tell you buddy. Oh and Warren… Jump!


A dumb investment for the ignorant


4 years ago, I started investing in a company called Bitcoin Trader. They worked exactly like USI Tech. I made tons of money for a year. I withdrew what I invested and then began to reinvest. The sad part is that I convinced friends to invest. I have lost some of those friends. One day, the Bitcoin Trader site froze. It was said that the owner was lost at sea. Actually he was running away with his ponzi earned bitcoins. So a company can look super legit and have all these videos and “documents” to make themselves look legit. In the end, no one knew where to find this guy and everyone claimed losses on their taxes. Those who were high up in the company were shocked. They thought they knew the owner, but didn’t’ even know where he went. Beware. USI TECH will freeze one day. You won’t be able to withdraw any earnings. Take screen shots now for your taxes. It will freeze when people start to withdraw more than they deposit.


Wow. Thank you for the personal story on this (even though you only joined 7 min ago!) :doge:


Yes, I just joined because one of my students is trying to get me to join USI Tech, and I was looking it up! It looks so similar to Bitcoin Trader. no difference really. not registered with SEC, super easy to signup. no proof of age needed…promises amazing returns, constantly puts out PR to make themselves look good, thrives on getting you to drag in your friends… And my student doesn’t get it. She is blinded by the great daily returns and doesn’t want to admit she was wrong. Hopefully, she will slowly divest and stop recruiting other naive folks. The magical attraction is so powerful it caused one of my relatives to invest $300,000, recruit tons of people, go into a bipolar mania where he thought he was king of the world, spend money like he was already a billionaire, yell at a hotel receptionist for not accepting bitcoin, and of course lose his entire investment and end up in the psychiatric hospital for a month.


USI is a reasonable company that makes sense. They sell you packs that are worth $60 USD and has a contract for 140 days with a return of 140%. You get paid daily on this return so the money goes directly to you daily. The $60 you invest, USI makes up to 1000%+++ on the return of investment by day trading. You also have the opportunity to day trade but are you really going to do it? if so that’s great and USI will do it for you with a return of 1% per day. THINK! you are getting paid on that return daily so you can cash out anytime… there’s no scam at that point just a simple loan that you get 140% interest in in 140 days. Try it for yourself and read it in writing.


USI pays daily… someone who works and has no time to day trade USI would work for them. If you step outside of the box, USI giving 140% return in 140 days and they pay you daily, is far more savings and return then any retirement, IRA, ROTH IRA, or even Life insurance plan.


But why should I invest in USI when an investment in Bitcoin directly 140 days ago would have returned me 350 %


i doubt they really day trade. they dont need to if you get less bitcoin back then you give them. they just keep the difference.


thats how they make their money. same as bitconnect. you think your getting 140% when really your losing 240% of the bitcoin gains you would have gotten.


what happens if the price of bitcoin heads south ?