Using Myetherwallet


Hello Everyone,

I have a question about using Myetherwallet. I have my wallet set up and I would like to send an Altcoin to it but I’m not sure how to set it up. I want to send Bezant to the wallet from an exchange but when I try to send the coins to the addresses that I thought was right, it tells me that the address is invalid. At least the coins haven’t been lost in the transaction.

I would appreciate any feedback and help.

WindTech :recycle:️:point_left::+1:


You send all ERC20 tokens and BZNT to the standard Ethereum address on MEW, you then check the balances of your Tokens by going to the Token Explorer, on the right-hand side of the MEW screen:



I thought I tried that and It told me invalid. Maybe I’m selecting the wrong address. Would you be able to screenshot where I see my address ? Thank you


I think I might have got it. I’ll let you know if I actually receive it. Thank bud


All is good. Thanks for help!