Valuable lesson for happier life - sit back, relax and reflect

Hello all,

since I have left my job 6 month ago (due to moral and ethical disagreement with my boss) I have not been able to obtain another “taxable” job because of a VISA here in the US which requires me to get a work approval and surprise, that is in progress since Nov 2017 - I had quite some time to reflect and decide what I am going to do with my life.

  1. I found the pub, which is a very nice community and I am very thankful for it.
  2. I had the change to think about life and what it means to us.

I came across this - in my mind - very powerful but simple video and I want to share it with you to remind everybody to make the most out of your time here on wonderful Planet Earth.

YouTube link:

Have a great day and hopefully needed gainz soon :slight_smile:



There is always room for some beer with your friends! :beers:

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