Vechain Price Making Slow yet Steady Recovery

The cryptocurrency market is known for its extremely volatile nature, the price of cryptocurrency fluctuates in a matter of seconds. Vechain has recently gained a notable 6% in its price pushing bulls in the Green area, There are 3 large price swings in this period and the amplitude of its value is between $ 0.0032 to $ 0.0034. The initial value of the VET was $ 0.0032 and is the first blow added about a 6% increase in its value, and its value becomes 0.0034 dollars. Then there was the deduction of about 3%, reducing its value to $ 0.0033 before the market closed there is a growth in the cost of around 0.0001 and finally, their value reached $ 0.0034. Although there is an increase in the value of VET, there is a decrease in its market cap. Market capitalization has shrunk to 190.85 million dollars from 191.5 million dollars.

Source: TheCoinRepublic


Amazing how people can spin just about anything.

“Slow and steady recovery”… :joy:

Meanwhile VET/USD is currently in a double bottom, down 96% from ATH. It’s literally at the the lowest price that it’s ever been.

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