VeChain Summit 2019 – Bringing Developers, investors and enterprises together


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VeChain will host its first Summit in San Francisco on April 18th, 2019. The Summit will bring together people from all over the world to discuss and create Solutions on the VeChainThor Blockchain.

Through a day packed with VeChain product releases, expertise and insights sharing, interactive tutorials as well as immersive entertainment, the VeChain Summit 2019 will provide the participants with a unique look on the VeChainThor blockchain platform.

The Summit Agenda and Speakers

The one-day Summit will kick off with an opening speech by VeChain’s CEO Sunny Lu.

Throughout the day more team members of the VeChain Foundation will share insights or talk about Developing on the VeChainThor platform:

  • Peter Zhou (Chief Scientist) and Jianliang Gu (CTO) will explain why the VeChainThor blockchain is built for mass adoption and will give an introduction to the Tech and Turnkey enterprise solutions VeChain has to offer.
  • Kevin Feng (COO) together with the core Developers will introduce some of the essential tools like Connex and Sync to start building decentralized applications on the VeChainThor Blockchain.
  • VeChain’s General Managers of the South East Asian (Sarah Nabaa) and European (Jerome Grilleres) will discuss how businesses can integrate blockchain in their companies.

In the Afternoon VeChain’s partners will come on stage to discuss how they are using the VeChainThor blockchain .

Some of the announced participants

Announced speakers are Luca Crisciotti (CEO at DNV GL Business Assurance ) and Cihan Albey (Leader at IT Tech, BMW Group Singapore ), with more to come soon.

This year the summit is specifically crafted to bring developers, academic professionals, startups, business decision makers and venture capitalists together to collaborate, partner, and build solutions that create valuable transactions on the VeChainThor Blockchain.

In the late Afternoon, some of the projects running on the VeChainThor blockchain will have a session. Already announced are Totient Labs , OceanEx and Safe Haven .

Throughout the day VeChain will release new products, allow participants to take part in interactive tutorials and go hands-on with VeChain powered products.

VeChain Developer Bounties and Application Development Challenge

In order to boost the application development and make people aware of VeChainThor blockchain’s features, VeChain has announced three ongoing developer bounties and the Application Development Challenge.

The Application Development Challenge

Develop an application on the VeChainThor blockchain platform and submit it to get a chance to win a share of a total of 40M VET.

The community can vote for their top 5 favorite applications and the Foundation will select 3 winners.

The winners of the Application Development Challenge will be announced during the VeChain Summit on April 18th.

Developer Bounties

The Foundation is also running a bounty program to support and motivate developers that are planning, designing or willing to document their applications.

  1. Application Idea Hunt – Submit an application development plan and be rewarded with 100K — 1M VTHO for an easier start for the development
  2. VeChainThor Supercharger – Plug in your MPP-enabled application to the VeChainThor Supercharger, a program that sponsors the user transaction fee of your developed application for one month.
  3. Developer Academy Bounty – Share your development documentation, scripts or tools to help out other developers and get rewarded.

Sign up for the Summit now!

To take part in the Summit, go to to buy your ticket now. You can buy a ticket using VET or dollars.

VeChain Summit 2019 is now open to register. 50% off to X Nodes.

Register and receive your unique pass embedded with NFC chip used in our one-day immersive VeChainThor experience at Fort Mason, SF on Apr 18. #CreatingValuableTXs

A ticket costs $99 (early bird 30% discount for $69 available until March 21), while students can attend for free and X-Node holders get a 50% discount on their ticket.


Tons of awesome stuff in that summit. No “mind-blowing announcements” (well maybe one or two), but the team and guests laid out all kinds of new programs and ideas that’ll shape the Vechain ecosystem for the next many years…

Here’s a Twitter thread with a nice summary for anyone interested:

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Some of my key takeaways (all the “big ticket” stuff):

1 – Sunny announces a $500 million grant pool, created in partnership with a few different governments and venture capitalists. I assume that means some combination of Draper, Breyer, and Fenbushi for the VCs. Cyprus and San Marino at least on the “government” side, probably, though your guess is as good as mine here. I mean, the United Nations themselves are on board, so…


2 – ToolChain, which is basically a do-it-yourself blockchain starter kit, complete with blockchain-writing RFID scanners and blank tags:

Obviously you’ll be able to order more scanners/tags etc. when you need them… really badass. Apparently there’s an app you get for your phone that syncs with the hardware and walks you through the whole thing. Imo one of the keys to mass adoption is giving folks the opportunity to actually, you know, adopt :joy:


3 – DNV GL will be using Vechain as its “core digital ecosystem platform” for food, aerospace, logistics, and more. Not something that wasn’t already implied, but it’s nice to hear them say it all out loud. Fun fact, DNV GL has 100,000+ business clients


4 – blah blah some exec from BMW confirms VerifyCar. Blah blah mileage/service records/insurance on the blockchain. Yawn


5 – Deloitte. Vechain now has HALF OF THE BIG 4 ACCOUNTING FIRMS SHILLING THEM IN PUBLIC ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS NOTHING TO SEE HERE. Deloitte migrated their digital certificates from ETH to Vechain over the weekend, hit more daily transactions than Bitcoin. Not a big deal, definitely not worth a price jump or anything.


6 – all the “small stuff” that adds up to make a big difference in the long run. Tons of dApps devs came to show off their products. There seems to be real interest in building on the platform and all the dApps shown off here were impressive and professional-looking. Aforementioned $500 million grant pool should help kick the dev scene into high gear


7 – United Nations Development Programme joins the Digital Carbon Ecosystem being developed by DNV GL, Vechain, and BYD (world’s biggest electric car maker)