VECHAIN - Top 3 Coin by the End of the Year (bring your tin-foil hats)



Looks like for starters I will need 6k vechain. Not a tiny sum. What is the projected roi for locking it up for so long? Looks like a decent project but I’m feeling more bullish on ICX this year.

Speaking only for myself 6k VEN or whatever they are rebranding to would be possible but only from the extent of killing all of my other coins sans day trading to make them larger.

The short deadline to get in and the rebrand also make me feel less comfortable… hmmm…


I’m in the same boat as you man. That short deadline killed my hopes of snagging one… and I’m ok with that! At least I will be able to live vicariously through @Prime :smile:
I’m bullish on ICX and VEN primarily and I am emotionally invested in the success of both. I still feel like it will be a great year! I just hate thinking of nuking out all of my other coins at rock bottom prices… so I cant honestly bring myself to pull the trigger because I have faith in the technology and wish to see them succeed. That being said though, I have a “feeling” these VEN nodes are going to be phenomenal depending on how long you keep skin in the game. Just my dos satoshis


Same. I suppose that I won’t be getting one. However I will also keep an eye out casually for how well people who have them are doing. Although I’m not an icon maximalist, these prices are too good to pass up buying into and I feel like I will get a better return on my icx this year than my ven although I see both as benefiting. I just feel less confidence in vechain with all the changes it’s having to jump ship into a node and kill any possibility for further buy-in during dips of icx and etc. Maybe if I had more liquid fiat I’d consider it more. Just my két satoshi.


The short deadline was a bit brutal. Though, with the lowest economic node (10k VET) being out of reach for most new buyers at something like $45,000, the addition of a 6k node at $24,000 at least gives the average buyer a chance to catch the node train at these prices… You only need 1 VET to stake for VTHO (Vechain’s “GAS”), but the more you can generate, the better. And X node bonuses are sweet :sunglasses:

The business AMA released yesterday and Kevin Feng’s boxmining interview were both reeeally bullish for future demand of VTHO too. Every smart contract on the network consumes a bit of it, and with the 70% burn rate I think it’s actually going to be fairly scarce/valuable. Every update in the chain (eg. some Vechain sensor in a fish shipment logs the container’s temperature) is a smart contract that needs to be executed on the network using VTHO.

From the AMA:

Q10. How does the payment work? Does the manufacturer pay to upload data on the blockchain for each product or does the customer pays to verify/explore his product on the blockchain?

A10: It’s free for customers to verify the products. There will be a cost when uploading data onto the blockchain. Enterprises can choose to pay for the cost in the form of VeThor or they can pay a fixed fee in fiat currency through a BaaS service provider who will use their own VeThor. Many people paying to use VeThor, in the future, may never actually know that they are paying for it…
… to you the VET holder, this would appear like businesses are buying VeThor on the open market.


Business AMA Part 2 released today… Some quick takeaways:

  • VeChain has partnerships with several “esteemed companies” in the US, under NDA

  • VeChain’s partner iTaotaoke (former Alibaba devs) is working to put pirates out of business. Register software on the VeChain blockchain.


I can see a use case for Vechain, but what makes it a top 3 candidate?


Hard to say if it’ll actually hit top 3 (that was an extreme case based on some wild but believable theories) but basically it’s all going to boil down to adoption…

It’ll be the most widely used public blockchain for businesses in the world at mainnet launch. That’s a fact btw, and only taking into account the clients we know about so far (they mentioned having 180+ use cases in the pipeline)

The short answer to your question would be this, I guess: If VeChain becomes the go-to public blockchain for enterprise users in the future, how could it NOT be in the top 3? Are any other projects out there affecting major industries in any meaningful way? Not yet, not that I’ve seen :man_shrugging: We’ll see what happens this year. Should be interesting.

Anyway… With PwC and DNV GL shilling Vechain to their combined 100k+ or something enterprise customers it’d be tough for VET not to do well this year, top 3 or not.

  • DNV GL’s “Carbon Bank” initiative for the oil and gas industry, confirmed to be running on VeChain:
  • And their “My Story” service for tracking products, also powered by VeChain. Already confirmed that it’ll be used on 70% of Italian wine exports, with more to come, obviously. (they’ve said it’s not just a wine thing)

Manufacturers and retailers are gonna eat this shit up :joy:


They just released more info on their ICO plans! Don’t mind me btw. This seems to be the de facto VEN megathread on the Pub so I’ll just dump things here when I see something important :+1:

Not every token issuance taking place on VeChainThor will be officially backed by VeChain Foundation. There are certain token issuances VeChain Foundation will officially back due to its strategic nature within our platform that make our ecosystem more complete. At the same time, due to the amount of energy and resources for VeChain Foundation to actively engage in assisting these strategic projects during a token issuance, it is not physically possible for us to officially endorse and actively help every single project on VeChainThor.

(“we got more ICOs than we know what to do with” :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:)

Therefore, VeChain Foundation will have a system, and a scale, for multiple degrees of foundational sponsorship and support. VeChain Foundation will publicly distinguish officially backed token issuances so that community will know the degree of sponsorship, endorsement and scrutiny from VeChain’s teams resources to the issuer. Official backing is not a badge of superiority within the ecosystem but rather distinguishes technology that VeChain is actively dedicating resources to.

The following are a portions of the New Token Issuance structure that pertains to the scope of X Node permissions and ecosystem benefits:

  • X Node holders will have early access to whitelist on all future VeChain Foundation officially-backed New Token Issuances. This is flexible only to future regulations, compliance and law changes;

  • Different X Node tiers will receive different levels of discounts, based on discount levels determined by the issuing team at the time of the token issuance;

  • All future VeChain Foundation officially-backed New Token Issuances will be required to take at least 50% of tokens raised in the form of VET;

  • Project teams will use raised tokens other than VET first for development and operation expenses, and will use VETs last as VeThor is necessary for their operations;

  • If not needed by the foundation for unforeseen critical development purposes, a significant amount of the project’s entity/foundation controlled VET coins will mandated to be locked for 2 years. We anticipate other projects will optionally adopt a similar strategy when issuing tokens on VeChainThor.


Vechain is gonna be a top coin this year.


@peter Just curious, does the pub have some sort of link scanning bot just to make sure people don’t put up a scam link that is Hyperlinked?


We have very solid mods :slight_smile:


VeChain [VEN] listed on Bithumb !!


Big day of announcements for VET. The LVMH event earlier seems promising and now this:

It will be interesting to see what comes of this partnership. Below are a few excerpts from the article

Globally, eGrid has successful implementation experiences with many companies within high-tech, automobile, automotive components, motorcycle, retail, financial, machinery and manufacturing industries.

In partnership with Oracle, IBM, Deloitte, Siget, Capgemini, and Hitachi, eGrid has been able to secure a client list where public clients include:
SAIC General Motors Corporation Limited
SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd.
BYD Auto Co., Ltd.
Chang’an Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd
Changan PSA Automobiles Co., Ltd.
Dongfeng Motor Corporation
Tsingshan Holding Group
Chongqing Jianshe Vehicle System Co., Ltd.
Isuzu Motors Ltd.
Jiangling Motor Holding (Landwind)

In this partnership, eGrid will leverage the nature of immutable, secured data storage and distribution of blockchain technology, and integrate VeChain’s existing automobile solution into their current ERP, SCM, and CRM solution for existing and future clients. This will enable eGrid to empower their proprietary solutions with VeChainThor to provide optimized results and data services for their clients.

The use of the car maintenance, green driving, and carbon bank projects will be one of the leading applications for blockchain adoption seen by the public.

I have a feeling this carbon bank project is going to be a massive undertaking. This is the first I’ve heard of this “Green Driving” program.

There’s only one survivor of this year’s cryptocurrency slaughter: VeChain

was reading this and made me want to sell all my ICX lol…


I wanted to firmly express that in three years, the public will be using VeChain every day and never even know it.

It is now time to unveil precisely what the VeChainThor Platform is.
The technical team of VeChain’s Blockchain Core will release a series of releases that will explain some of the features and functionalities of the VeChainThor Platform. This will include both patented and unpatented material that conveys the current scope of the VeChainThor Platform mainnet release while leaving a way for the future.

These series of releases will be fundamental to what the VeChainThor Platform is and how it is improving the world around you. The releases will cover the unique features of the VeChainThor blockchain such as payment model, transaction model and Proof of Authority (“PoA”) consensus.

Uh oh guys, we’re approaching WHITEPAPER levels of hype :joy::joy: Gah I can’t wait


  • Resistant to temperatures approaching 1000 C

  • Lasts 100+ years

  • Invisible, cheap and unintrusive, perfect for tracking individual car parts, fine art, electronics…

  • Has the word “nanotech” in it; very bullish


The dots guys!! They’re being connected!! :ven:

Here’s an excerpt from this Yahoo Finance article on today’s PwC/VeChain announcement:

The formation of a strategic partnership between PwC and VeChain, and the acquisition of ownership interest in VeChain of PwC signifies the company’s willingness to utilize public blockchain protocols and networks that are already widely adopted by the blockchain sector, rather than build its own blockchain technology and permissioned ledger.

And this one from an article published last week, talking about Alibaba’s platform to prevent food fraud:

The new pilot program will use the blockchain-based Food Trust Framework to track international shipments to China from Australian healthcare supply firm Blackmores and New Zealand dairy product maker Fonterra via Alibaba’s T-Mall e-commerce arm, according to a ZDNet report Friday.

The news follows the platform’s year-long technological development since Alibaba Australia first announced a partnership with PwC and Blackmores in March 2017 to develop the system to counter the spread of counterfeit products.


Look at this quote from Raymund Chao, PwC Asia Pacific and Greater China Chairman (pictured in the original post of this thread with VeChain CEO Sunny Lu):

“We are glad to establish a deeper relationship with VeChain, which aims to build a trusted and distributed business ecosystem to help address long-standing challenges in supply chain management, food trust and anti-counterfeiting areas. VeChain’s mission aligns with PwC’s purpose of solving important problems and building trust in society,”

food trust


If this adds up the way I think it does, then basically EVERY blockchain-related thing PwC has touched in the last few years COULD (likely does, imo) involve Vechain in SOME capacity. Don’t believe it? Check out this Linkedin post from a PwC fintech and cybersecurity partner (who also happens to be on the Vechain steering committee)


After so many projects and collaborations…

If you go back and look at all the blockchain-related ventures PwC’s had its hands in over the last couple years (Amazon AWS, Walmart, the Chinese food safety consortium, IBM, Hyperledger, Alibaba like 3 different times, a few others I’m not thinking of atm) then my original prediction starts to make A LOT more sense… Just saying…

There’s only one survivor of this year’s cryptocurrency slaughter: VeChain

Raymund Chao, the chairman of PwC Asia Pacific and Greater China, said:

“We are glad to establish a deeper relationship with VeChain, which aims to build a trusted and distributed business ecosystem to help address long-standing challenges in supply chain management, food trust and anti-counterfeiting areas. VeChain’s mission aligns with PwC’s purpose of solving important problems and building trust in society.”

Chao emphasized that the strategic collaboration with VeChain marks the first real initiative of PwC to extensively utilize blockchain technology to provide innovative professional services.

As one of the big four auditors and accounting firms in the world alongside Deloitte, PwC’s business model revolves around its professional services which it provides to large-scale firms and organizations.


Been loving this latest round of news pouring out about VEN! I’m just about at my break even price but still glad I packed my bags early.

Also, hearing a rumor going around that we will see VEN listed on Bitfinex sometime today. Just hearsay for now but figured I’d share…