VECHAIN - Top 3 Coin by the End of the Year (bring your tin-foil hats)



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Few cool things happened over the past few days :ven:

  1. If you missed it, Vechain’s first ICO “Plair” - a gaming platform, if you’re into that kind of thing:
  1. And the second ICO “MustangChain” - for tracking the breeding/medical/whatever histories of horses:
  1. And this is pretty cool… DecentBet (DBET), the ETH-based gambling platform, plans to migrate over and be the first mainnet launched on Vechain:

We are excited to announce that @Decent_Bet will be the first of many projects to migrate and release their mainnet on the VeChainThor Blockchain. We look forward to the rapid expansion of VeChain Ecosystem.



From this:

They seem to be making a lot of effort with security btw. Here’s hoping what happened with EOS isn’t repeated here :+1:


My crypto skills are still in their infancy…maybe todler stage. From what I gather, Samsung is encroaching in on Vechain territory, no?


I haven’t heard much about Samsung and blockchain lately, could you link where you read about it? I’m going to go out on a limb anyway though and say you’re probably not wrong. Not sure about Samsung but I know IBM for instance has been looking at blockchain and marketing to the same clientele Vechain is currently or would be pursuing themselves.

Just my two cents: people in the Vechain community (other supply chain coin communities too) get hung up on debating Vechain vs Walton/Seal/Origin or Vechain vs Ethereum, etc. But the real competition here is going to be these established tech giants like IBM (and I assume Samsung, if they really are going that route), maybe Google, maybe Alibaba…

Though, unless those tech companies come out with a public ledger network decentralized enough to truly be trustless I doubt we have much to worry about. At the end of the day, private blockchains are just fancy servers.


Samsung has an MOU in place with Icon. Not sure if they intend to work with Vechain as well or not. They very well may be doing so - just sharing what I know about Samsung and Icon.


Looks like ICON’s on a roll, nice!

Anyway yeah I don’t imagine Samsung will be working with Vechain, but I could be wrong 🤷

I like this ICON announcement for a few reasons though, one of those being that it helps disprove (again) the myth that “all these big tech companies will just make their own blockchains”… Some will, if they’re trying to be a provider like IBM or Google, but most will go 3rd party if they’re getting into blockchain for their own sake. This is great news for Vechain, ICON, and all the other protocol coins out there that don’t suck…

So yeah, just Vechain and ICON :rofl:


@Prime Doh! and nuts! I forgot to post the dag-um link. I honestly got to start going over write and post. I’ll probably just utilize an A.I. / V.I of some sorts in the future. My bad though yo.

last paragraph

I wonder what kind of fund and mining equipment they are going to produce.

(S. Korea on the come up. Like Japan in the 80’s vs American manufacturing. China has to do something about its GDP per capita, and/or have to produce products that can be farther reaching and grab a bigger audience. … hmm. Oh snap!..)


As a Co-Founding Member, VeChain helps establish the Shanghai Wine and Liquor Blockchain Alliance


WTF is up with vechain today? Pretty decent price.


I have no idea but i bought some :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah there’s some fud over how Lbank is handling the swap, even though Lbank as a whole is just a wash-tradey joke 🤷

Nice unexpected sale though!


anybody’s binance swap done?


No, from what i’ve read it must happen before 24th.


I would keep my eye on this one…


@Peter adding this to Coinpuffs as a featured coin? :smiley:



Heavy heavy potential in here… :cowboy_hat_face::money_mouth_face:


I have reason to believe in this coin.