VECHAIN - Top 3 Coin by the End of the Year (bring your tin-foil hats)



So it should Peter, really big news for VEN. I can see this coin raising a lot within the next 2 months. :cupid::rocket:


I messed up by trading with icx and ven when ven was cheaper then icx. I chose ICX to all in and it seems i made the wrong choice :frowning:


I’ll be staying up to catch the event stream at 2:30 am for sure. I’ve enjoyed following VEN over the last month or so and find myself checking for news around the clock. I think they have a real chance at finding mass adoption of the various products they will be offering.

The AMA releases so far have been phenomenal at explaining the capabilities. I really like that they are not just laying down all the cards at once. Instead the approach seems to be showing just enough to quell the doubt… and then letting the people see they have some tricks up their sleeves. Sunny and yhe team appears to be acutely aware of the tendency for the market to just sell the news and dump immediately afterwards. So we should be seeing the anticipation grow over the next few months. Excellent approach imho! Glad to be here with yall


Brother I wouldn’t say you made the wrong choice! I remember having that exact same thought to be honest. No doubt in my mind whatsoever that ICX is a winning ticket. Just a matter of time and not an if but when type scenario.

I think that perhaps what we saw with icon has been an invaluable lesson for VET. A more measured approach vs all guns blazing. I watched the Icon event and thoroughly enjoyed staying up all night doing so lol… but there was never really a chance to digest the significance of the announced dApps. I feel as though they could have benefitted immensely if they would have allowed these projects to sit in the spotlight one at a time over the course of weeks and months. I dunno though. I don’t pretend to have the pulse of everyone but thats just my opinion


Their marketing strategy has been top notch for not having any kind of high-dollar marketing firm running the show. The “bread crumb” approach has really helped facilitate a more measured rise after the bull rush in December and January.

Take this tweet for example… The sentiment around the rebranding event has been either 100% buy the news or 100% sell the news from what I’ve seen, but with this tweet they introduced some caution into the mix, which is a good state of mind to be in coming up on an event like this. Basically they’re saying “sell the news if you want, but it might be better if you stuck around…”

Keeping investors on their toes


don’t know if this was posted yet:

good to make a quick buck?


Just invested in vechain just got 40 ven. Hopefully it does me proud in 2018 :rocket:


This could get us some nice pump :money_mouth_face:


knowing the team from vechain there will be some big announcements on the rebrand date. they never underdeliver


I’m feeling really good in the pajees about Vechain. Most of my portfolio is VEN.


buy vechain now, no financial advice - time fo some korean bbq
history might repeat monero/krw :money_mouth_face:
remember? :rocket::bitrocket::money_mouth_face:


is it wise to sell my 300 icx for 196 worth of ven? i’m feeling the hype. I wanna jump back to icx though after i make profit


Yeh seeing all the stuff in the news i’m getting FOMO! i’m not gonna sell my ICX just buy a small bit and hopefully make enough to sell for some more ICX later down the road


It seems a very risky move to FOMO in just before a major event, chances are high there’s going to be a dump right after as happens almost every time with any type of event unless there are some really major and unexpected announcements. If you check the subreddit they already expect BMW and some even PBOC announcements so it’s likely going to be either what they expected (and thus already priced in) or a disappointment for a lot of people (PBOC seems unlikely)…

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m pretty bullish on VEN in the long run. Also this is not financial advise :stuck_out_tongue: Just sharing my thoughts about it


i am thinking the krw pairing will do some numbers


VEN currently mooning people :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


So it will be listed on Korean markets tomorrow, with a rebranding event? Really around 3am EST?


Around 3 a.m. here in the states. I’m hearing that it should be in English or at least with subtitles. So Excites :smile: !!


Yep 2-4am US, and tradable on Coinnest an hour before the event. I’m sure that wasn’t planned or anything :joy::+1:


Just pumped BTC at 61500. Hope it goes up!