VECHAIN - Top 3 Coin by the End of the Year (bring your tin-foil hats)



What kind of immediate pump have other coins gained the first day on Korean exchanges?


mooning…? really?
it isn’t even 10%, man.


haha what is your definition, from 10% so easy to make ALOT of money, through the next 12 hours this coin is going to have so much volume.


Seems like a very promising project with a clear useful application and already a great foundation. Also hasn’t been affected from the current downswing as much as other alts.

Anyone DCAing VEN? Just bought some coins and I am tempted to DCA it. Any thoughts/suggestions would be nice. Especially some negative aspects in terms of Vechain and investing in VEN.


You guys see this #HYPE trailer for the rebrand? If it was a movie I’d go see it :joy:


I agree with you. This project has a solid foundation and real world use case. Definitely a solid DCA pick at these prices. I bought a stack today.


Im contemplating buying more of this while my money moves to Binance. I only have around 40 tokens. I’d like to add, but I have the feeling I missed the boat on this already. Took me a day to move some cash and I got in at the low yesterday. Right now it’s climbing and is around the daily high. I don’t have anything to go on regarding whether or not this will drop tomorrow or not but the way people have been taking profits makes me a little hesitant. All told this has to be a good thing right? It’s not Bithumb, but at least it’s a new Korean exchangie


It depends what your goal is. If you’re planning on day trading, then I don’t know. If you plan to HODL this coin, then I don’t think you’ve missed the boat.


I DCA VEN,have been since December.


Rebranding stream in about a half hour :slight_smile:
New CCK riddle just dropped to get me all pumped up. I wonder if this is what all the BMW fuss is about?

Anyone going to be watching?


Do you have a link for the event?


Sure do

No clue if the CCK/Reddit speculation will be worth all the hype but Its fun though. either way I’ll be Hodling through for the long term


Do we know if it’s currently trading to Korean fiat already? I read 1 hour before and we’re at 40 mins


Honestly I have zero clue if its started or not. Its not a huge exchange by the looks of it. Maybe with some good news it’ll catch a decent pump but I’m not too concerned about all that. More than anything I’m just curious to see if anything interesting is divulged.


Vechain partnered with oxford mathematical institute… Now thats good news :blush:


BMW rumor is true woohoo. Sneaky mofo pulled a fast one there at the end lmao!


Ha! You beat me to it - I was going to say the same thing!


I saw!! Soo cool with the BMW, and that they haven’t flashed this partnership, but played it cool. Just saw vechain changed from red to green on coinmarketcap as the renaming show was going on :dancer::dancer::dancer:


Holy shit shooting up


Sold at 60000 rebought back around 53500 now it’s 61000

Very nice