VECHAIN - Top 3 Coin by the End of the Year (bring your tin-foil hats)



Oh yes I watched, seems like a very good personal relationship between the vechain, pwc and dnv gl guys aswell, thats good :blush:


Yeah that was a pretty slick maneuver! We have seen :smile:
Next on the list is the Cisco announcement lol

Ill be happy if this green keeps climbing throughout the day
So we have a new Carbon Trading network in the pipeline, VeVid, VeVot, and VeScc, New announcement from DNVGL next week and further developements from the Oxford University partnership. Happy I stayed up and looking forward to the inevitable moon trip with ya’ll


This dump though to 58000 wow


It’s to be expected I suppose. Seems like a good way to make a quick flip and more power to 'em.


They are announcing new
Partnership in couple days in japan

So I am leaving some
Ven on the table


Hehe yes! I woke up to this and had my morning coffee watching :blush: great way to start the day!


Vechain hype comes across as very scammy. Clearly it’s not a scam coin. I know the vechain shills will lynch me. But the way they confirmed working with BMW is just unprofessional. You basically admit there’s some random dude on a Twitter that you give inside information to and you’re confirming that information you already leaked.


Since its pinned tweet is about the inventor of viral marketing, I’m guessing it’s not some random dude, but some weird form of viral marketing…

Like movies that do ARG’s and such


So they vaguely leak rumors intentionally ahead of time to create hype?


That’s my guess… Some movies do it and some people love it…

It takes very little time to do, so it’s practically free hype.


Their website is not cool at all. I guess: maximum one month and this site will be in the trash. Really bad UX and the site doesn’t work without “www” in the domain name. They have to improve this.


Surprised the price is not sky rocketing atm. How are people not sold on this company yet, especially after announcing a partnership with a major University and BMW!?

I guess it’s a good thing, will maybe make the next DCA cheaper, but it is a little weird isn’t it?


Because they sound like used car salesman with their marketing. Leaking shit, then saying “Rumors you heard that we created on purpose are true!!! Please buy our coin so we can rich!”

If they were strictly concerned about creating the best platform they wouldn’t be using all these hype tactics to try and create pumps. They would just announce shit and be professional. Its a similar style to Tron.

Granted this would be a big name. But there are no details at all on the nature of the agreement. Just saying “rumors are true.” when rumors are based on some vague BS tweets is not professional. It’s just trying to create hype. If your platform is so great, why go through these asinine lengths to create hype?


You could say that about any kind of company… If your product is good enough, you don’t need ads.

Sadly the world don’t work like that and if crypto wants to move into the mainstream as more than a fringe curiosity, you gotta play the same game as every other company…

It’s just the way of capitalism


It’s just how they go about it. If they had simply out of the blue said

“Also we’d like to annouce we are working with BMW on some exciting things. Look for more details to come soon on our webstie, etc.”

It would be much more effective. It would cause me to take a look at buying. But right now it seems like their target/goal is hype pump telegram broken english retards into when lambo memes and FOMOing more Vechain.


Tbh I don’t know exactly how they announced it, I’ve only seen a screenshot.


Perhaps it’s just the general market sentiment keeping prices down. BTC is still in a downtrend.


Buy rumor, sell news. VeChain isn’t immune. In fact due to it’s hype cult nature. I’d say it’s super overbought due to the constant shilling, rumors, and hype.


Yes, but ICX is going up because of it’s wallet release and LTC because of Litepay, regardless of how BTC is doing atm. I am in for the HODL though, I think VET will continue to have consistent gains into the future, was just curious.


wtf back down to 3900 for icx and ven dipped a little too. The way VEN presenter represent their code with nothing but a picture of their commits and bmw hype at the end was just a no no, even though I think they will do well. I think its overpriced atm