VECHAIN - Top 3 Coin by the End of the Year (bring your tin-foil hats)



There were many many hints toward BMW before CCK tweeted about it. Vechain has said themselves back in December they were in talks with BMW, then someone in the community said they saw a BMW team hanging out at Vechain’s HQ, some other hints in AMA’s… it’s been around for a while


I don’t see many other companies going even that far with their closed-source code. If you honestly need to see the full code every time you use a product, you may as well delete 99% of the programs on your computer :woman_shrugging:

Could still be overpriced but I don’t think “wen github” will be the reason for a dip if it happens


he hinted pboc as well or are they partnered already


PBoC was mentioned by Vechain once in their KYC dApp release in the context of regulation compliance, but no, there hasn’t been anything official about PBoC or any of the China banks yet as far as partnerships.

The whole reasoning behind the PBoC rumor is that it’s like the first thing CCK every predicted. I take whatever he says with a heaping pile of salt, but it’s true he hasn’t been wrong yet…


Given their foundation, plans for the future, application of the token, previous partnerships, and the recent announcements, why do people think it is overpriced? Are people comparing it’s price to Walton?


It’s ridiculously underpriced in the long-term. It should have a nice run coming up when the BMW stuff and other partnerships start to get priced in, but its true valuation will come around June, when mainnet launches and the majority of VET gets locked in the wallet for staking. That’ll be fun


The more I read into it, the more I think this company is going to be a gold mine. From the application, the government partnerships/support, the business partnerships, the application of the token etc. it seems like it will flourish.

That’s what has me a bit worried atm though. It seems so obvious, yet there doesn’t seem to be much hype about it. Not even here @ the pub, people seem to be barely hyped about it or talking about it.

It seems so obvious yet not many seem to be excited or on board, and that’s a bit worrying because it makes me think I am missing something obvious :S. Like sometimes I think maybe Vechain is overhyping or overstating their “partnerships,” and it’s just a trial agreement or something with all these companies.


@peter do you have any thoughts on Vechain?


I know it’s all speculative, but EOY predictions?


Somewhere between $0 and $250 is a reasonably safe guess.

Anyone throwing out numbers is just guessing… But I’ll say $25, we should start a pool :wink:


looking good
wait till rebound don’t panic


Looks like backfired :scream:

Whats next folks?


Time for STRONG HANDS! :hulksmash:


If nothing else, I’m pretty sure VET has the most in-depth and badass node system ever…


Are you snagging an x node @Prime ?


tell me about it! WIsh I had some more of a stack to put into getting a x node.


You know it bud :sunglasses:
I don’t know exactly what they mean when they say “special trophy of designation”, but I do know I need one and it’s going to be more dear to me than anything else I own…

Lock that X-node in now or cry later


What are the requirements of the x node and what are the benefits and risks? I would like to learn more about it in detail.


Heres a link to the official press release on x nodes and a few answered questions


While I’m at it I Figure i’ll post the latest installment in the AMA: