Veritaseum not on Coinpuffs


I want to see Veritaseum on coinpuffs. It is a real project!!! Veritaseum is meant to be an exchange in and of itself. If two people anywhere in the world decide that they want to trade a house or a car or literally anything ever on the blockchain thats what Veritaseum is. It is a straight up gatekeeper removal tool that takes the money saved and gives it back to the people instead of the gatekeepers. US Regulators accepted Veritaseum Broker/Dealer License Application. It is a real and good project with a determined team. It will also include a Quant trading platform. So people will put their crypto into there application and it will trade for them and hopefully give more money back later. But ultimately it’s just an exchange for physical things to be traded over a block chain. Right now you can buy gold and have it physically sent to your house using Veritaseum. The reason that is possible is because it is a real project that should be added to coinpuffs!!! When Veritaseum is on coinpuffs than I’ll use it instead of Coinmarketcap!!!


Why you are so angry? Dude, relax, you came here 2 hours ago and you shout becouse Veritaseum is not listed on CoinPuffs?

if Veritaseum promotes acting like you showed us, I’m not surprised why…


I’m not mad at all I’m just making the case because I watch Decentralized TV every day and when Peter got to Veritaseum he said that he didn’t understand it. I came here to send him a message but I couldn’t find a way so I just posted what you just read to make the case that it deserves to be on there. A lot of people don’t think it’s a real project even though it is so I came here to do my part to try to communicate that to Peter;-) People come to Internet forums and sign-up for a whole list of reasons, that’s the context that brought me in front of you today;-) PETER!!! Veritaseum is REAL, please put it on CoinPuffs!!!


we’ll take a look. but, you just joined so who’s to say you’re not part of the veritaseum team? can you confirm or deny/


I am not on the Veri team or any other team. The only team I’m on is the team for free humanity;-) About 15 years ago I got really freaked out about Fiat money. I started listening to people like Ron Paul who was talking about how when we went off the gold standard we had entered into the largest monetary experiment in human history. In 2008 when the system went down I saw that is the ultimate validation that this was all true. I first heard about Bitcoin in 2010 at an open-source conference at NYU University in Manhattan from this German kid. At first I was blown away but I didn’t do anything about it. Then in 2013 I got a lot more serious about the possibility that this new experiment could fix everything that was keeping me up at night. I remember before crypto even existed I come to the conclusion that decentralization could save the world so naturally when I realized what was happening I was really really excited. Starting in 2006 I started following a guy named Clif High and his Web bot reports. Cliff said he was going to make a crypto-based report that he called the bare naked wealth report and I’m pretty sure I was the first person to buy that report with BTC. In that 1st report he mentions Veritaseum as having really long legs as a very successful project in the future. I had seen Max Keiser interviewing Reggie Middleton a couple years earlier so I was familiar with him. I quickly realized that it was one of the most misunderstood projects in the space. I follow as many sources as I can and eventually I found Peter and Decentralized TV through Kenn Bosak. I follow every day and eventually Veritaseum came up as a video, Peter said he didn’t understand it so this week I tried to do something about that;-) That’s how I got here;-) If you’re the John I think you are I remember watching your video reading Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, I posted that video all over the place;-) I think the next thing topic that I’ll have to talk about on this forum is the fact that ETH Is not the shitcoin and has an amazing future. When things are up people think everything is great and it’s never going to end, and when things are down people hate on everything and swear it’s all over. People that been here a while see through all of this;-) If we can’t handle the 97% corrections then we don’t deserve the 10,000% gains!!! Thanks for looking and taking me seriously;-)


Buy up big, it’s about $25 and falling daily…good luck with that. Reggie owns 97% of all the coins…


As we move into new use cases for blockchain and tokenization new business models will evolve using these concepts that are different than all of what came before it. We all know to look out for how many coins are pre-mined but what I’m telling you is that Reggie represents a completely different business model than the way that you’re assessing it. Reggie didn’t have a white paper either which from the traditional valuation model that we’ve all learned over the years would be another huge red flag. What I’m telling you is that this is an example where we’re using a valuation assessment that we’ve all learned already without realizing that there’s other ways to use crypto tokenization of companies that we have not encountered before. It’s not just a world of litecoin clones anymore in the altcoin world. Reggie put up 51% of the coins for sale at his ICO and it’s not his fault that only a small amount of people purchased them at that time. But totally, at first glance I thought exactly what you’re saying. Only when I dug down and put real time into it did I realize that it was a new valuation model using tokenization that hadn’t occurred yet. Clif High was who got me to care/look at the Veri project again with a different perspective. The most important point is I’m not telling you to go and purchase this token. My point was if you’re going to create Coinpuffs and tell everybody that it has more coins than coinmarketcap and is more complete than this project deserves to be there. As for what you or other people do with your money is up to you and has nothing to do with me;-) As far as it’s price falling you should get into correlation analysis because you need to realize that everything is still correlated to the Bitcoin price. Until we get to utility value that hopefully breaks this correlation that’s held up for so long it’s likely every coin will rise and fall across the entire crypto world based on the price of BTC…


Clif high is usually wrong on his own picks and is super biased.

Jamaican exchange didn’t even mention or is using Veri, even after their mou.

Reggie ownes 98% of the tokens in which cmc failed to add in as circulating since reggie has numerous times sent out increments of his own Veri and sold it on ED without letting cmc or you guys know. (Evidence).

No one is using their shitty asset platform. Its a useless dApp.

Other tech companies are doing this but on their own blockchains and not breast-feeding off eth.

You need to calm down with your shill. Its veri distasteful. Especially coming here brand new.

Glad that you did come since you need to do some damn research. Like you have no clue what you are investing in. Good luck.


If he puts 51 percent of his coins for sale. He should have burned the rest of his unsold token or lower the price.


Nice work Sammy, never let the truth get in the way of a shitcoin…


Like I said you’re using the valuation model that we all learned and used most of the time we have been in the crypto space. There’re are new evaluation models that will show up as time goes on that will need to be assessed differently. The key part of what I said was not for anybody to go purchase what I was talking about. I specifically was putting it here because I believe it should be allowed to be on Coinpuffs even if you don’t want it there;-) If you don’t want it, don’t by it and vote with your money, Good luck dude;-)