VPN which one ? Recommendation?


looking to use VPN service

which one do you use and recommend ?

VPN suggestions?
Whats everyone's Anti-Virus/Firewall/VPN?
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What is a VPN? 10 Things To Know... :thinking: :eyes:

However I’ve heard they sell info.


Kind of defeats the purpose of a VPN. I personally suggest PIA.


Has anyone used VirtualShield? Its about 5/month if you get the year plan. I have never used a VPN myself. Thanks for this thread.


I’m new to VPNs as well… currently trying out NordVPN for a month. Seems good, decent price and user-friendly.

Some others I’m interested in trying:

Just noticed that NordVPN, TunnelBear and Windscribe accept Bitcoin. :smiley:


ExpressVPN. You can always trust the Canadians, hehehe


I’ve heard good things about TunnelBear.

It’s just… I’ve had Hidemyass for so long… it’s like… u know… yearly subscription type shit.


Currently, I am using nordvpn. I got it on last year’s Black Friday week, which gave me huge discount, one time payment of 60/80 bucks for 2/3 years subscription, something like that. I’ve been looking for a reliable vpn that allows me to get into China.


Hah! Great name for a VPN… but yeah, no sense in wasting whatever amount of time you have left, especially if it’s working for you.


Oooh, sounds interesting. Let me know if you do find a VPN that allows you to get into China. Sounds like military grade or something, hehe.


They do sell info according to sources


NordVPN, based in Panama



Opera browser has it built in


been using ipvanish for sometime now. never had any problems with them.


+1 ipvanish, affordable, reliable, seemingly, unlimited devices/connections


Renewed my NordVPN for $2.75/mo for a 3 year deal, or $99 Christmas Special for 3 years. Not a bad deal.


Does it matter what country we base our daily used VPN? Do we need to base it outside of the good ol us?


I do not think so as all your data is still encrypted. You may lose or gain various access to stuff depending on your “origin” location. I am not a network guru so maybe someone can clarify this.


I know we can’t access some websites if we locate outside of the USA. And I can’t buy into certain things in the USA. So as long as my US based VPN is secure, I should be good.


Although I have used ExpressVPN in the past without problems, I rescind that recommendation based on the fact that the U.S. has partnered with Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand in mass surveillance efforts. There is a name for this agreement amongst these countries, I learned about it recently in cybersecurity studies, promoting PRISM. Mysterium may be a hit after all, hehe.