VPN which one ? Recommendation?


If you have a foreign based VPN, some have functions where you can tunnel through a USA exit node node, so it looks like you are here. I think that is the correct terminology.



. Check the review.
Some nice features:

Source: ThatOnePrivacySite.net

In literally 2 seconds, you can have an account created without having to provide ANYTHING – no name, no email address, no personal info of any kind.

I’ve been using it for a a month or so. Client is fine as well, though on a Apple laptop it seems to be struggling when getting out of sleep mode.

If you want something simpler, I’d recommend ExpressVPN. Great service and I do think they have a better client.


I’m curious about which of these VPNs are legally located/headquartered in the jurisdiction of the fourteen countries that openly collect, analyze, and share data with one another. I know the big five are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and the USA. I would prefer for my VPN provider to be outside of these countries and the remaining 9 that they openly cooperate with. Wandering everyone’s thoughts on this and if I am wrong to so cautious. Also, I know Chinese based VPNs may be in jeopardy by their own government now. Thanks everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


Mullvad review: The VPN that doesn’t want to get to know you

Mullvad in brief:

P2P allowed: Yes

Business location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Number of servers: 100+


I’ve been using HMA for a few months and before that I’ve tried Tunnel Bear.
I’m considering a switch though since I saw that TorGuard accepts Zencash, thought that was pretty cool… but I guess I’m like Peter when it comes to stuff like that lol - #TeamSlow https://forum.zensystem.io/t/torguard-now-accepts-zencash-for-vpn-proxy-and-anonymous-e-mail-services/403?u=itsmee.bosslady



I’ve been using ProtonVPN the same organization that runs ProtonMail.
VPN https://protonvpn.com/ | encrypted email https://protonmail.com/


Proton mail has been shown to be not secure and hacked. Also was ransomed for bitcoin before. Google it.


I use it also…can be slow at times


Interested did not know that was planning on signing up with them can you recommend a encrypted email service it will be greatly appreciated thanks


You can use TunnelBear and vpn your browser



I’ve been using Private Internet Access for a couple years after using Mullvad before that. Their choice of servers worldwide has been excellent. Mullvad’s client has improved since I used it, I would lean that way if I were choosing a VPN right now.

Have a look at this list from Torrent Freak to find one that suits your needs.

Private Internet Access always runs a sale for black Friday for ~20% off, and if you sign up then, you’ll continue locked in at that price in the future. You can sign up now, and “renew” during their next black Friday sale to lock in their sale price, no need to wait it out 10 months.


Not helpful right this second, but IntenseCoin (ITNS) is a blockchain based on the CryptoNight algorithm with the intention of providing VPN services through the wallet app. All paid for with IntenseCoins. The CryptoNight algorithm is inherently private with untraceable payments, so that adds to the privacy. They are working to have a Beta of the VPN wallet in the next few months.

A side note, it is very profitable to mine right now. My measely 2.7 kh/s rakes in between $20-25 a day.


Hey guys, I’m using NordVPN all the time, on my android device and on my desktop and laptop as a chrome extention. Works very good.

On top ot the VPN, I was wondering what browser do you use for maximum security and privacy for desktop and android device? Is chrome OK?


I have recently switched to the Brave browser as my default, so far I am happy with it. I do keep multiple browsers loaded because some work better than others with different exchanges and varying platforms.


I can recommend Windscribe. It is fast, they do not keep logs. It is Canadian, not US, so I also see it as a benefit. And you can find cool lifetime deals.


iron socket user here, nice to be able to buy with gift card for anonymity.


I don’t quite understand everyone’s love for Canadian based privacy focused enterprises. Dose everyone not understand they are part the original Five eyes in the fourteen eyes global surveillance group? I personally worry about any platform that comes out of these countries, while we can not avoid everything from them something as important as a VPN should be outside of these villains immediate lenses, in my own opinion. Also, I have yet to get a VPN which is definitely worse than not having one at all.


I recommend CryptoStorm Privacy Network

  • a Decentralized Project.

You can learn more about them here
on Torrent Freak … scroll about half-way down the page:

I have been using them for about 2 years now and I’m
very happy with their service.



Private Internet Access (PIA)