VPN which one ? Recommendation?


how did you guys deal with ip problem in exchange when connected to VPN ?

keep re verify?

everytime to login ?


I understand vpns to be very traceable, I understand the only annon web is thru TOR I guess if your good enough wiz u can access sites with TOR


VPNs are traceable? You mean to the point to whom is providing the VPN I hope. A proper VPN company should not be logging user data so the most that can or should be traceable is to the provider of the VPN and the users would still remain anonymous. Please let me know if I am wrong.


I would suggest if you had a tax audit on cryptos and you access a vpn possibly the irs can demand a log? I actually don’t know? I have heard stories of ppls vpn giving up logs and selling them also. I’m no wiz. But I don’t trust companies that claim annon service if they keep logs. No need for a log if your anonymous so imo if you don’t Ever want to be found out I wouldn’t use vpn.


Check out https://www.privacytools.io/# according to the site, all VPN providers listed are outside the US, use encryption, accept Bitcoin, support OpenVPN and have a no logging policy. Just recently found this resource and it reinforces my thoughts on certain countries conducting surveillance on us and which countries actively participate in the global surveillance network. If anyone has used this resource I would love to hear your thoughts on its viability and accuracy.


Sometimes I’m not very consice. I am sorry for that. But I guess this is my point. Going online through the TOR browser puts u in charge of your security. When u join a site that alledges no logs etc. u trust them. I prefer trusting myself with what I want private


Great privacy guide in the link below. Review of VPN’s with strict privacy in mind.
I have tried VPN.AC (one of the top recommendations on the site) and can fully recommend it. You can even pay with various altcoins.


trying nordvpn, didn’t work for me connected but random internet down

maybe because i am using wifi …


Ugh I still need that security course for dummies


I know. I’m so backlogged. So much to do!


I know… I know… no rush. Unless I get hacked :joy:


VPN’s are only traceable if they keep logs, that is a very important piece of information that you need to research when looking for a VPN.


Odds of you being hacked ( personally ) are small unless you are specifically targeted. This can be minimized with some security common sense, I’m studying cybersecurity, just try to keep private info private and minimize public exposure. recently I invested in U2F keys to secure my accounts that can cause the most damage, Google, did my yearly purge of my social media accounts, (Facebook, Instagram) and added U2F to Facebook, reviewed and added U2F to my dropbox account.
Been using LastPass for a few years now and don’t have any complaints about their services (could change, but still good). Sucks that a lot of websites offer 2F only by text messaging and not by U2F.

2F - Second factor
U2F - Universal Second Factor


which one did you use ?

as for password management i use bitdefender wallet that come with Bitdefender total security


yubico keys, they have different ones depending on your needs, the $18 one serves for U2F if you need any other feature look into their lineup


I use “IPVanish”, and haven’t had any problems, that I know of…

That is to say, I haven’t “dug deep”, and “proved” that they are “air-tight”, but, snaps on, does divert my IP, and stays up for weeks at a time, with minimal latency…:man_shrugging:


I second PIA… Have been using it for a couple of years also


had no idea which one to take

fido u2f or yubikey4 …


ill give you my opinion :slight_smile:

I choose the key4 for the simple reason it allows for a static password to be saved on it. (I have confidence the Pub people will not attempt to rob me) with that, I have a 38 random character password that I use to login to a specific website(s)

I also purchased the Yubikey4 Neo ( Has the same functions and features as the Key4, with the addition of NFC) this way I can have my 38 random character password NFC’d to my phone. This one stays with me at all times.

These 2 key also provide U2F. Since I have 2 keys, I registered both of them with all the above services and stored the non-NFC one in my safe as a backup, in the random case I get mugged.

The Fido U2F only serves one purpose, 2 Factor identification.


thanks for your opinion :smiley: