VPN which one ? Recommendation?


trying TunnelBear :grinning: works great with chrome extension only

so it won’t mess up my background mining


1 question,

did you use Yubikey authenticator for 2fa login (like exchange )


google authenticator in phone ?


I use the yubikey whenever the website allows me to use it. A lot of places have not turned in the 2FA feature, and for everything else I use LastPass authenticator, just because it backs-up the tokens, (if I accidentally reset my phone I don’t have to go through the hassle of redoing ALL my authenticator tokens all over again) this has happened a shit ton of times.


Tor browser is super easy to get, all you have to do is go on Firefox browser and search “tor browser download” and you will find it. :slight_smile:


I recommend this list here:

It listst the most important aspects of a lot of VPNs in a nice sheet.

Make sure to check out the FAQ:

"Q: Why is your data even needed in the first place? Aren’t there a hundred other review/comparison websites out there?

Every VPN review/comparison website I’ve come across was extremely short on data and/or nothing more than a disguised advertisement bought and paid for by the companies they promote. Many of these companies support unethical means to funnel in web traffic and referrals to their services, and most times customers aren’t savvy enough to even know they’re being fooled. I want to change that. More about the unfortunate state of the VPN industry, false reviews, and phony advertising here."


I just filtered for some of the VPNs mentioned above and chose the simple view:

And here is the beginning of the detailed view for HideMyAss:


Currently, Im using Private Internet Access (PIA). So far so good. Expressvpn is the second choice for me as speed is my performance measure.


my antivirus / security Bitdefender just added VPN service !

separate subscription from my total security which cover up to 5 device that i am sharing with my family

32€ (25€ now with offer) yearly subscription, all 5 covered device can connect simultaneously :thinking:

thinking of getting it


Question answered below.


Anyone using Mysterium, I hear it’s not only a good investment, but an excellent private VPN service.


I heard the VPN won’t work until 2019-2020 range but I also know nothing.


I’ve used a few, here’s my opinions.

  • Mullvad - great product with a Linux client, but a bit slow
  • HMA - was decent, but they will throw you under the bus. Don’t use.
  • Torguard - good protection and speeds, I’m not really sure why I stopped using it.
  • PIA - amazing speeds, good protection. Last I knew they didn’t keep logs. This was the only one that was able to sustain 100+ Mbps speeds.



But Botnet is best -


Dont use Hidemyass
It sells the user data which its collect.

I recommend IPVanish. Not logging anything and very fast.


NORDVPN has been great.


I use a VPN by Keepsafe for iPhone too since idk if anyone mentioned mobile VPN


These VPNs -ExpressVPN and NordVPN — prevent your computer from routing DNS requests outside of the VPN. Both of these services run their own DNS servers, so all of your DNS queries are routed through secure channels, both to and from the servers. This is the ideal situation; if your VPN has its own DNS servers, you won’t need to use those provided by your ISP (or another traffic spy, Google) and potentially reveal your browsing habits.

And that provides all the security you could need.

If you’re not sure whether your VPN is protecting your DNS traffic,I recommend using ExpressVPN’s leak test. It will tell you whether your DNS queries are visible to people who are trying to see them. If you’re not protected, it’s time to get a new VPN (and make sure to use it all the time).




Get IPVanish, they are the only VPN I know of with tier 1 servers so it’s impossible to link ip’s to personal ip’s.