VPN which one ? Recommendation?


ibVPN has a wide variety of connections.


I got scam last night with https://www.spyoff.com, download the vpn they say you have 15 free days. But you have too enter your paypal and the unsub button is also a review of the product and you have 15 pages too skip and I press the done button got redirected on a new page and I was sure I unsub but I just finish the review I should have skip the done button and press next 4 or 5 pages after you have the unsub button
Last night after the 15 days I got credited 90$ from my paypal it’s a year of subscription I’m pretty mad right now, I asked for a refund the front page say you have 30 days money back guarantee
But how stupid is that you can’t even remove your paypal or delete your account


Expressvpn all day, most stable of them all


I currently have been using Nord VPN. No issues so far.
bought during christmas sale so quite discounted per month.


I’ve used iron socket which was ok but sometimes streaming movies was slow, like the pay with gift card option for anonymity, currently use torguard, seems faster as i hardly have buffering issues watching movies, paid with bitcoin and it was instant, think they use lightning network so I’m also supporting bitcoin.


NordVPN is user friendly, it offers a “Kill Switch” (https://support.nordvpn.com/#/General-Info/1047407832/What-is-a-Kill-Switch-and-how-does-it-work.htm) and an onion over VPN server.


I’v just started Hotspot Shield VPN https://www.hotspotshield.com/ the paid version includes up to five users and it gives the ability to navigate through an international server allowing you to give the appearance you are in another country


Try to avoid free VPN SERVICES let it be p2p too i use proton vpn… And You can try out nord vpn and windscribe… Look for logs which should be deleted or not kept… See for the 5 eyes countries and 14 eyes


Currently as a rule of thumb the more you pay the better security you get regarding VPNs. The market is saturated where competition eliminated overpriced VPNs, if the company sell those logs to 3rd parties then the service you applied for probably charges less and so on… I use NordVPN, and I can’t wait for Mysterium to actually work as intended once the beta tests prove it’s efficiency…:space_invader:

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