Walton chain mining


Hello guys was wondering if someone can please tell me what gpu cards would be best to mine walton chain. I’m a guardian master node holder


Never heard of it. Do you know what algorithm it’s on?


It’s a modified x11 algorithm. It’s trading on binance. They have not came out with the mining full details but main net will launch soon and all gpus are on back order. Kind of a noob on the whole CPU and gpu mining. I have some experience with Asics, bought a bitmain d3 to mess around with and mine some dash. That seems pretty straight forward plug and play.


Curious how this worked out for you?


Just saw @peter video on wtc…curious to know if you still feel the same way. WTC made a ton of progress.

How do you feel about this description.


I feel only for our startup.


Sorry not understanding. Can you explain further what you mean by startup?


I only really care about YEN.io right now.


Oh was not aware…I’ll take a look. Wow you are going to make more money? Leave some for the rest of us :grin:.
Or at least take us with you.


You weren’t aware we’re building YEN.io? Wow. I need to do a better job.


It is not you, I just haven’t been on in a long time. When market loses 70% of its value it doesn’t matter how good your marketing is. Everyone is jumping ship. I assume things will get better for you now…that i am back lol.
Also might be the fact that i have 0 social media, hence why i was not aware of this exchange being built around it.
I’m so old school i hate social media but i wish you and the Pub nothing but the best with this new project.


Walton is kick ass, im all about walton. Only project i feel comfy holding.