Wanna share a new anime i just have use 3 days to watch ! :D

seson 1 - 2 and then the movie i give it 9/10

so if you need a break from crypto then this is perfekt !

others who watch anime ? :slight_smile:


I started watching Psyco-Pass a while back and it really had me hooked. Have to watch it again to catch up on the plot and characters though.

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Hunter x Hunter is the best anime <3


Initial D.



yeah hunter x hunter and naruto ! :smiley:


What sort of age group is this suited to (feel like I’m getting too old for anime)? Looking for a new anime to watch. Got bored of sword art online. Really loved attack on Titan and erased :smile:

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you are never to old for anime ! i am 29 and i love it ! :smiley:

psycho-pass is not for kids . try it out you will not regret it. there is death note to if you like psycho

attack on titan is super ! koutetsujou no kabaneri it is the same style and good

tokyo ghoul is insane good to alot of blood and fights

the worlds and story the make are awesome.


https://myanimelist.net/ you can read about all animes here

https://nyaa.si/ best place to download the have it all :slight_smile:

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That’s cool. I’m 33 so not massively older. I’ll have a look at those suggestions. Psycho pass does look pretty darn good :slight_smile:

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I’m just crazy about cyberpunk, I love “Ghost in the shell” - anime. Among the usual serial anime, I consider Psycho-pass the best representative of the combination of cyberpunk and detective, drawing, plot and characters - all at the level. My rating is 8.5 / 10.

PyschoPass was a great anime with an active, deep and interesting story.

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