Want to Be a MOD?!?! (Interview Here)

The Bitcoin Pub is GROWING (Ok, let’s be honest) … It’s :bomb: :fire: :boom: Exploding!

As a “Crypto-Pirate” :skull_and_crossbones: (and Moderator) I’d be remiss of I did not try and get a few of you ‘scoundrels’ caught up in our NonsenceDo you think YOU would make a good moderator (MOD) for The Bitcoin Pub?!?!?

Consider this ‘Motley Fool’ who “Made it Aboard” … and has yet to “Walk the Plank”! :skull_and_crossbones:

(Note:I’m not the National Comedian)-Just the Guy ‘with his thumb up’ looking for a ride to the SPACESHIP :rocket:

Note: This work is strictly ‘voluntary’ The Reward is in Helping Others! :tada: :balloon:

That said, can I Tell you how rewarding & Encouraging it is to help another (even Just One Person?)

Simply Awesome! If you have, time, dedication & focus and want to join an Amazing Team … Consider telling Us Why? You would make an excellent candidate. :cowboy_hat_face:

How can you make a difference for the next person who walks through the Doors of "The Bitcoin Pub" :beer:

Thank You!


Wonderful. Let’s see who wants to be a part of building the infrastructure. To the moon! :rocket:


Moved to #meta:community-leaders. :slight_smile:


Guys, guys!

I’m in for the long HODL.
I’m usually online for hours at a time. Don’t tell my wife!

Peter, John, and Team,

You guys are World Class. I see greatness. I can see and feel the drive! Oh, It’s real!
There’s nothing better than to be a part of something when leadership is SOLID! Peter my man!
I see a group of guys who are awake/enlightened so to speak.

I run and own a business and completely understand that patrons/my customers are not to be taken for granted. They are my BOSS and I’m always willing to change and adapt to their needs.
My outlook in life is positive no matter what lays ahead! I see a step, take a step. Focus is key.

I have been studying/surfing everything crypto ever since I got involved Aug 4th. I’m putting in the grind. Slowly getting up to speed, but surly. Got my tickets too!

Why do I want Mod status? I like to keep this Pub organized while I absorb all the cool information people contribute. Also, Asharp is awesome and needs help!

Thanks GUYS!



Make sure to link to the #meta:community-leaders content around Tours of Duty and other such relevant material…


Hey @doge! Wanted to reach out to you and let you know we love your post and your support of the Pub! We are adding more structure around our teams and so your interest in being a part is great to have. We appreciate it so much and I’ll dm you shortly!


With the Next :ocean: wave of Crypto Investors hitting the shores, people might consider “giving back” and helping out the next guy/gal through the :door: Doors? :thinking:


Just look at me “I Suck” when it comes to technical skillz - but I make up for it with “Willingness” :cowboy_hat_face:


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