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On October 26, China Central Radio and Television International Online official account published the article “building a powerful network and seizing the commanding heights of blockchain development”. The article mentioned that the demand for blockchain talents in all walks of life is growing, so it is urgent to cultivate blockchain technical talents.

First, universities should strengthen the training of blockchain technical talents. Bring the training of blockchain technology talents into the scope of college education, and make layout from three aspects of technology, teaching and research, and increase efforts to promote the popularization and application development of blockchain technology.

Second, relevant enterprises should focus on training block chain talents. The number of enterprises engaged in the application of technology innovation in the field of blockchain in China is growing at a high speed. It is necessary to cultivate a number of practical blockchain technical talents through scientific research and innovation of enterprises.

Third, encourage technical personnel to learn by themselves. Due to the rapid change of blockchain technology, relevant technicians are encouraged to continue to strengthen learning, improve knowledge structure and adapt to the needs of blockchain technology development.

There is no doubt that the big speech is basically the support of China for the highest specification of blockchain technology. Such a big support has also aroused strong repercussions in the world. With the development of blockchain technology, the demand for blockchain talents in the market is certainly growing. To vigorously develop blockchain, we cannot do without the support of a large number of blockchain related talents.

As mentioned above, first of all, more and more colleges and universities will start to open blockchain related majors. Blockchain is a relatively comprehensive major, which involves digital, cryptography and computer science. It is said that some universities in China already have blockchain major. In addition to colleges and universities, enterprises can also cultivate blockchain talents.

In addition to the cultivation of blockchain talents by universities and enterprises, the network course is also a very good learning way. The network is not limited by the region and time, and its coverage will be more extensive. Some people who are willing to engage in blockchain related positions can easily learn through the network.

There will be more and more popular courses about blockchain on the Internet. It has to be said that the execution of some departments is still strong. Yesterday, the “learning power” platform led by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee has launched the video learning course “Introduction to blockchain technology”. There are 25 videos in total, which mainly include the basic knowledge of blockchain preliminary introduction, consensus protocol in blockchain, bitcoin preliminary, Ethereum and smart contract preliminary, blockchain performance improvement, blockchain security, blockchain and big data, as well as the in-depth analysis of blockchain examples and specific programming code examples. This course is sponsored by Tsinghua University. The interview rate is very high.

Specifically speaking, the current demand for blockchain talents in the market is mostly some development type technical talents, and the treatment is also very high, which is a threshold for most ordinary people. For those who have already been programmers, it is a good opportunity to be a programmer in the blockchain industry, and it should be very quick to start.

However, the market demand for blockchain related talents is not all high-tech development talents. With the popularization and development of blockchain technology, some related blockchain applications will be more and more. For these blockchain application products, of course, in addition to the developers, some supporting talents around are also needed, such as operation, copywriting, promotion and products. Design and other positions. Compared with the development talents, the technical threshold of this kind of talents is not so high. Some traditional Internet related talents can be transferred to do it. So for most ordinary people, if they want to work in the blockchain industry, they can start from operation, promotion, products, etc.

Of course, since we want to develop blockchain technology, some media people also need it. We have a large population and a large market, which is a very good opportunity for our blockchain self media personnel. The popularization of blockchain technology needs the joint efforts of our media people.

In the field of blockchain content, such as coin and force fields, there have been many authors who have entered into 10000 yuan every month, even many are part-time authors. Compared with traditional Internet self-Media authors, the competition of self-Media in blockchain industry is much smaller. After all, it is a new industry. Through one or two years’ efforts, it can become an expert in this field, and the earlier it is cut in, the more it can be eaten. The more industry dividends.

Our country has a large size and a large population. The impact of making a great voice to support blockchain will be far-reaching, and there will be many opportunities for us. The blockchain industry will also be a promising emerging industry. If we want to decide to engage in this industry, we can make efforts now.

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I think it’s great that blockchain is becoming more and more widespread, hopefully the wolrd will appreciate its true potential sooner than later

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