Wanting to create a organic/hemp clothing and accessory crypto store


Hey pubbers,

A quick backstory of me…

After being told at a young age that i had to give up what i loved and a time would come when it was very likely that i would lose full use of my left leg because my knee was supposedly wearing away but they had no evidence of why this was happening!
Sports and especially soccer were my thing and where i grew and learnt many life lessons!
Due to this i spent many years been angry and frustrated at why i couldn’t play and always asking the question of “why me?”
I lost contact with all my sporting network and found it really difficult to watch football or even any other sport for years!
I was in constant pain for 24/7, 365 days a year! This is what i was experiencing and it weighed heavily on my mind because i had no real outlet.

Fast forward 15 years and 3 operations later i’m still here after years of hard work, i have improved my condition but the damage was already done from the beginning.

So now to my main reason for this post…
I knew i needed something to surround my self with something that had a positive vibe and something to keep my mind focused, so i created a brand for myself years back.

After been asked everywhere i go “where can i get one?” i decided to get a few made, and they sold. I didn’t think of it as a business first but as a personal form of protective amour fo myself but i quickly acknowledged that whilst wearing it, people were drawn to the message and that was the main reason for them to approach me and ask questions.

I would really like to create some sustainable products both which have a green purpose but a real sense of style too.

I am looking to obtain some help or info to find some organic or hemp manufacturers for clothing and accessories.

Much appreciated and keep it crypto


Maybe try emailing Wholefoods or USDA Organic | USDA
https://www.usda.gov › topics › organic