War between Bitcoin Core and miners

Hi guys,

I’m a huge fan of Blockchain and a HODL:er. But as of late i read so much about the fighting between miners and core team. Also with Segwit2X around the corner as well as the new Bitcoin Gold there will be so much FUD soon.
I know the dust will settle and everything but all of this made me wonder and think about something that i can not answer myself. So i turn to you guys and hope someone with a bit deeper knowledge can help me answer.
Maybe there are others thinking about this as well even.

Basically now that miners are dividing and everything i am wondering in a worst case scenario what will happen if the miners pack their bag and stop mining BTC (maybe mine something else as a example).
I believe just like Bitcoin Cash the HASH power difficulty will adjust (going down drastically i suppose). But will the normal people like us be able to pick up the slack and start mining again and keep the network alive / secure?
If not what will be the consequence of that?
I like to think of best/worst case scenarios of things so that would be the worst scenario i can think of. Much worse then countries trying to ban crypto even.


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