Watch This Guy Buy 10 Bitcoins For $3 (not a misprint)


Okay guys, now that ive got ur attention i will b taking all of us back in time, when BTC was a new deal and only the very smart money knew about it.
so fasten ur seat belt and get ready to rumble, make sure u can breath :slight_smile:
watch the below video of a true gentleman showing us how he purchased his Bitcoins back in the day…
so here we go, back to the Future!
remember now, in a few years there will b the many who look back to this date in time remembering and kicking themselves that they did not buy any Bitcoin at $4000, :+1

please leave ur first impressions comments below… will b very interesting to what u guys have to say after watching this incredible Bitcoin buy.


what a dream…

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You can also buy DOGE with that.

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yes, a true dream to buy 1 bitcoin for .30 cents!
…not $3,000, $4,000 or even $5000!
just imagine ur life today with the same investment most of us have in btc at 30 cents!


NOPE!!! :sunny:
yes u can!


Buying a $18 Pizza for 19 bitcoins. apprx $75,000 in todays money…
, this and the other video are from the year 2010!
just think what bitcoin can or will b in 7 years from now?
what will it b in 2020 when btc Halfing?
… the moral of the story, never ever spend ur btc on pizza… if u must, rob ur piggy bank lol


This made me cringe a bit. So I was curious and did some digging. I decided to checkup the wallet address to see what happened to the 10 BTC.

Empty. Transferred out the very next day. To THIS address (presumably belonging to him as well): :tired_face::scream:

This too is now empty. Poor guy. Didn’t know what he had. :coffin::bouquet::sob:


The original poster replied to a comment last month. Not sure if he has any left. 5 years ago there was a lot of interest in buying BTC from him.


Well his story is not as bad as the guy from the UK who threw away his hard drive with 7,500 bitcoins! :tired_face::tired_face::coffin::bouquet: