Waves Wallet/Exchange Review



I checked out Waves multi currency wallet. It has a nice easy UI with a built in advanced low fee exchange (similar to Binance, coinbase pro, etc.), and has Visa/Mastercard support. Waves is marketed as a Proof of Stake platform coin which pays developers to develop apps and tokens on.

However. As a user, I found it Cumbersome that every transaction requires 0.0001 wave coin. My first experience was transacting/exchanging Ethereum. Each transaction cost me Ethereum and Waves. I thought that was a major pain in the neck if I don’t have any Waves. However, It does make sense considering I’m working on their exchange, and using their network and wallet.

Speed!!! Waves is REALLY fast compared to most other currencies. Almost as fast as Stellar which is blink of an eye speed.

All in all, Waves has a really easy to use platform (if you have Waves in their wallet) with REALLY fast transaction speeds.

It is set apart with a lot of the other POS coins out their because of it’s multi-currency wallet and exchange that handles BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, Monero, BCH, and ZCash.

I’m really interested with where Waves is going since (right now) it works a lot like a tokenized Coinbase without the excessive fees attached to it.

UPDATE: Giving props to @Coco-Crypto I dug further into the Node and Leasing programs. I found it incredibly easy to create your own token!! YES. Me, the non programmer can actually and easily create your own token on the Waves platform. I created BUCK, and Electrofryed. lol. Myself and a friend sent a few million BUCKs back and forth to test the platform and we were transacting in speeds of 2sec or less. Both BUCK and Electrofryed shown up on the Waves DEX and had a Waves trading pair. Of course with only two people using it, it was pretty worthless, but for a non programmer to learn and actually be comfortable taking part of the crypto space was an amazing feeling. Plus, I might try to do airdrops and maybe try to find some marketing and/or web designers to see if BUCKS can be usable. I’m still working with the leasing program, but now I’m kind of excited to use this really easy platform.



Interesting point: The Waves DEX is only a DEX when dealing with Waves tokens. When trading/depositing with other currencies not native to the waves platform it’s a centralized process.


It kind of reminds me of Ethereum Gas, which is one reason I don’t like Ethereum. However, the speed kind of makes it worth it.


Personally, I do love the Waves platform, for me, the Pro’s by far outweigh the Con’s. I would echo many of the things that you like about the platform, but a significant and key feature of importance you left out about the platform is that, if you are a Waves token holder, you can create and become a Node owner and other waves holders can lease you their waves token for a percentage of what that Node generates. If you don’t want the responsibility of being a Node owner, you have the option of joining a Leasing Pool with your Waves tokens and get paid in waves just the same, you can even start your lease in a pool with 1 wave token. Also, and this was key for me, you have the flexibility of canceling and starting at any time in any Leasing Pool for 0.0001 waves, this is like one cent. Also too, if you are in a Leasing Pool the system will pay you Miner’s Rewards and at times loads of token airdrops from other projects being built on the Waves Client comes into your Portfolio. it’s like a hidden gem in the Crypto Space…


I dug deeper in what you stated above. I will be revising my review accordingly. ps. I found a niche that I think is the best thing about Waves, and it is AWESOME


Hey Electrofryed, you don’t need to revise your review, I was just information sharing, it’s all good. whats that niche you found? do tell…


I found how easy the platform is for creating new currencies. I’m using BUCKs to expose my 8yo son to using crypto currencies. This way my son will be ready for the great financial shifts that’s coming soon.


Oh Yes! it was the number one thing that got me interesting in the platform, along with its Built-in DEX and Wallets tops it all off for me, I love its simplicity of use. getting your Kid sensitize to it and or Crypto is a smart move…


What i like about waves is the fact they keep coming up with new ideas and upgrades. I remember using lite app 2 years ago and now the waves client, Very nice improvements fiat gateways, multiple coins to store etc. UI wise it has been very nice and i hope they keep on working and give us real world applications in 2019 / 2020.

Go team WAVES :wink:


@KenshiroDark, I have to agree with you, its’ definitely a smooth All-in-one platform with lots of perks…