We are giving away 36 Million Nova Tokens (NVT) on #ACF47!


New Contest on Altcoin Fantasy is up!

For ACF #47 we’re partnering with Nova Token!

Nova Token powers the next big revolution in gaming. With Nova Token, every game is a blockchain game, and every player is a blockchain gamer. No blockchain experience required - we handle all the tricky stuff so you can earn, buy, and sell in-game items while you’re having fun. Further, you won’t even need a separate blockchain account to start playing using Nova Token:

  • Create ERC-721 items for free, sell them for thousands
  • Fully secured by the Ethereum Network
  • A seamless player experience
  • No hassle, just a simple API
  • No blockchain knowledge required

Game developers can launch their game using Nova Token, and players and developers alike earn stake rewards. Nova Token is jump-starting the stake pool with 3 billion Nova Tokens (NVT) that the company will give away to players and game developers over the first six months following the launch. Each week’s stake rewards will be at least 100 million NVT. Users interested in purchasing NVT to participate in the stake giveaway can visit Nova Token.

For this week’s contest, Nova Token is sponsoring a MINIMUM of $2,340 USD in Nova Tokens! EVERY player that enters the contest and makes a trade will win some tokens in this week’s contest!

Here’s the breakdown for prizes this week:

Top trader (1st place) - 0.5 Ethereum & 1M NVT for 1st ($160 USD)
2nd place - 0.375 Ethereum & 500K NVT ($105 USD)
3rd place - 0.125 Ethereum & 500K NVT ($55 USD)
4th place - 250k NVT ($15 USD)
5th place - 250k NVT ($15 USD)
Everyone else - 33k NVT ($2 USD)