We can Dream, Can't We..? 🎮

I had a few thoughts here:



Hoping my teenage son grows out of the idea of professional gamer and more into programming (I think he’s already realizing it actually). I sent him the article from hackernoon that you posted earlier to give him some ideas :slight_smile: https://hackernoon.com/what-will-bitcoin-look-like-in-twenty-years-7e75481a798c


Sweet article, I was just talking about this with my girlfriend the other day because she recommended streaming after seeing another gamer go viral on YouTube. My internet connection isn’t so good here, but maybe back in Florida. One of my old buddies is a semi pro Halo player, like he won some nominal amounts of money back in our high school days at some MLG tournaments, but nothing big enough to live off of. However, apparently streaming is where the real money is at. It has to be the right game and the right narrative for the right audience.


So funny because the day that I responded to this article or the day after I was playing LoL and one of my teammates asked the other, “Aren’t you on youtube?”. So, I met a youtube streamer who had just broke his 5k subscriber mark. He wasn’t the best player on the team kill/death wise but I did my best to strategize well for the stream. I think I will start streaming some LoL this winter too, hehehe.

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If your son is still thinking about it, tell me to talk to me. I know what being a full time gamer is like.


I am going to do that. I know you’re a busy guy so I appreciate that very much. Maybe sometime when you have 10 minutes in your timebox we could arrange a quick skype call or I could have him follow you on IG and have him message you. You two can have an organic convo. I’d love for him to steer towards blockchain since so many are already into gaming.


I worked in the gaming industry for about 4 years. It looks amazing on the outside, but it’s super tough. I know streamers that were 25 years old that have never driven a car or gone out to socialize to clubs or anything like that.

Personally, programming is way more beneficial. You can literally build your future while gaming you have to build communities.


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