We Should Post Top Picks of Today?

Finding Day Trading Trends is Hard enough, But If Everybody on the Pub Finds the trending Coins of Today we Can Get some Quick Profits… Not Suggesting PnDs or anything. But Just Finding really good day trades or swing trades for that little bit of extra bitcoin

We Dont Have to, but it’d be interesting i think


It is hard to really formulate a good entry and exit point at the moment, especially with BTG, the DDOS they received, the upcoming shitwigx2, and other factors.

I think this is a period where any day trader has to be so careful, as I have seen so many TA get it wrong, and over the past 5 days I have seen some devastating results.

Be careful guys, this is not the time to predict the crypto world, more so than ever


yeah, i think you are right about the time being


I’ve actually moved a couple alts from cold storage to the exchange to see if I can get a bit of green action on them then buy it back into BTC.
I missed the boat last week while it was all over the place.


It’s so easy to miss the dip. But it happens all the time bro


Ahh these couple alts have been fairing all good! I just want to sell them for a tiny profit when the green run comes again then just smash it back into BTC at cost.


Hopefully its not going to be a pump n dump section


That is exactly what is happening. It is being pumped now, dump, then a pretty nice correction.

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If your happy with small returns and flipping coins i’m in… i flip several coins a day trading looking for 3% here and there but based on the Intel i use they are really ones to trade with there and then… however… could help others to build a watch list.

I recently posted in the day trading section on my daily habits as a kind of day trader…

Sample of the coins i have looked at today… *** NOTE *** these are NOT coins to trade on now… as my alerting system works as i mentioned above… a do it now kind of messaging system ( check out my other post on how it works ) … but if your interested… all times are based on GMT and coins are traded against BTC… aim is to get 3% and sell

All alerts are based on Today - Sunday 29th October

09:02 - START
11:02 - BCC
11:24 - XDN
12:02 - CVC
14:02 - EXCL
15:18 - BURST
15:24 - XMY
15:24 - GEO

i have others… 21 in total at the time of writing… 16:24 GMT…

if anyone is interested and i’m in front of a PC… i’ll do my best to post alerts when i get them…


not checked this one yet… .17:02 GMT - BAT… up 62% BTC buying volume

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well that one was a bit pants… no volume… thats why i don’t trade on a Sunday evening… i guess they can’t alll be winners… :roll_eyes:

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three percent flipping is good in theory and really easy… I Commend you for that. I guess with fees (At Least on Bittrex…) I Aim more for the 7% area. Thats just me. but yeah i too have a watchlist and i try to stay far away from any pump and dumps

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i just read your other post… WOW! Amazing, solid work.

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Great Work! i don’t trade between the Real Time.

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ETC short setup
Entry @ $11.12
Target @9.81

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IOTA short setup
Entry @ $0.396
Target 1 @ 0.38
Target 2 @ 0.371
Stop @ 0.417

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I agree with saleenamith.

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Groestlcoin (GRS)

  • “Vert Coin Asic Resistant crazy trend”


OK Cash

  • Palm Beach Conference FOMO

  • “China Might be Back into Bitcoin”


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If someone wants to start this. Doable


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