Web hosting company now accepts Bitcoin

Just got this email through - it’s great to see Bitcoin being adopted by a variety of different companies!


Bitcoin is too unstable to be adopted right now. Why pay with bitcoin if in one year from now the price is up to 8k for example ?

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I cannot buy anyting with BTC until it reaches 100k…

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I also don’t understand why to enter bitcoin as payment. It’s not backed up by anything and constantly changes in price. Today you can pay one price for bitcoin, and tomorrow it maybe twice as cheap and it turns out that you needlessly overpaid for something that is cheaper today

Bitcoin has grown in price very much over the past year and many predict that it will grow further. I think that’s why many people are so invested in it. Many people hope that they will be able to sell it more expensive in the future and earn a lot of money on it. Although it seems to me that it’s too early to introduce it in the form of payment for various services and hosting services in the same number. Six months ago, I managed to find a discount coupon at host.discount for my hosting and save a decent amount of money. I think that this can be done if everyone switches to paying via bitcoin and it upsets me

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