weBloc ICO on ICON network. 7 ICON advisors on the board. We have a private sale deal!


Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange

I will getting involved in this. They are accepting pledging at the galaxy fund currently. Just so people are aware they will be accepting the icx native token and they will NOT be accepting eth. This is for the galaxy fund not sure about public sale through webloc.


Will USA be able to participate?


put me down, Bert!

thanks for all that you do in creating value for the pub!


You joined up to the galaxy discord mate? They’re really Impressive.


shamefully and embarrassingly, i have downloaded discord and have been unsuccessfully trying to tune in for peter’s AMAs for weeks! so no, not in the galaxy discord. i guess i was kinda truthful when i jokingly said my technical capabilities are limited to gmail, thepub, and pornhub.com.


All you need really mate :joy:

I know what you mean though but shout me if you need assistance.

You have to kyc like a normal ico but once you’re in you will be able to access some really strong projects. Highly recommended.


youre too kind! i see you out here daily helping ppl, contributing your opinions and helping make the pub a place worth patronizing and participating in/with. mad props!

even open for US residents?


Bro I would say I try or thank you for your kind words but I don’t really feel like I’m doing anything “extra”. I feel like we should all do these things.

Peter and John are the real deal they deserve endless credit.

Yes. You are investing in Galaxy the fund not this ico. Galaxy will then invest your money for you


What’s the minimum amount of icx?


I believe 300…


Hello guys, I’m interested to make some pool for weBloc, we need 40000icx.


We already have an allocation. Join the Galaxy foundation. Get involved. We are collecting pledges now


Yes. You are investing in our fund and charging the fund to invest for you. We are accredited and all set with a strategic partnership deal.


Ok, great, thanks ! Application filled, so i hope we will be play together guys !


How do we keep updated on this please?


What do you mean? Once you join discord all information will be on there


The discord link has expired, is it possible to get another?



is there a date to when the ICON chain will be released? I swear they’re almost half a year late on it or smth