weBloc ICO on ICON network. 7 ICON advisors on the board. We have a private sale deal!


Can you clarify your question?

Mainnet is live and token swap is happening now so once done the network will be active. This is when the start of their DEX, IISS, iconest etc will happen.


Oh thanks! Do you know how long the token swap will take?


No but it usually lasts longer than people expect. Frustrating!

Even if the bear market persists, I think icx hodlers will have a better half of 2018 as more things are scheduled to happen!


Personally I think it’s a very clever idea to have one of the first dApp on the Icx network to be an advertising one.
Since a lot of the webloc token are Icx team themselves, it’s telling the world what Icon network can do while advertising both Icx and webloc.

If you believe in Icx then webloc is your marketing arm :wink:


weBloc ICO investment will be live within a week. Head over to Galaxy if you haven’t signed up already and be prepared to send funds soon.