Weekly meal prep


Anyone else meal prep??

@CryptoDad and I do every Sunday. Makes life easier and healthier :heart_eyes:

Daily Exercise Thread — :muscle:
Daily Exercise Thread — :muscle:
Daily Exercise Thread — :muscle:

I want to start doing this, can you share the actual meals


I sure will. And I’ll post another picture when we’re finished!


This takes planning. @booins


The “we” meal prep, is mostly @CryptoDad lol. It was his idea. It makes my life so much easier though. Especially when I pack his lunch in the mornings :joy:


I do all the meal planning here as I have been a “paleotard,” as they call us :smiley:, for 5 years. It definitely saves time plus when you get tired and don’t want to make stuff it’s already ready. I have yet to make the jump to pre-cooking all the meals but we just plan for leftovers. Working from home of course makes it a lot easier.

Also a good idea to keep some stuff that doesn’t spoil around in case its one of those days. I usually have frozen Alaskan pollock in the freezer and some sides on hand. Eating healthy is really a battle with convenience and this helps pre-planning helps a lot!


We’re open to new meal ideas. Grandon eats a whole lot healthier than I do :disappointed:Mostly primal/paleo. After he read mark sissons primal blueprint. Meal prep does make it a whole lot easier because of the convenience factor. We rarely eat out anyway.


Hahaha yeah, maybe one day @peter.


I admire this! I either have a fridge full of cold-pressed fresh juices for about 4 days of meals or I stop and get a $5 pizza. I miss working from home and being my own boss where I had 2 hours a day to work out and had all the time be organized and not run ragged. Same way with appearance and also cleaning house…I’m either looking fresh or homeless, and my floors are spotless but I hate to dust. No in between. :rofl: Thank for the motivating post!


we keep loosing Tupperware to my brother in law. he takes left overs which i don’t mind but i never see the containers after that…


I made a summer and winter menu that was Paleo. I’ll have to see if I can find it for you. THe hard part for me is finding a rotation of enough vegetables. Seems I am always on zucchini, broccoli, butternut squash. Asparagus isn’t on sale enough. Stupid 7 years to grow BS.


Both me a my Wife do meal prep… We live the BB lifestyle … Im training her for NPC nationals to get her a pro card this year . We will see…

Once you get it down makes your life easer on bad food choices . You need food to GROW!!


I have been meal prepping ever since I got addicted to the gym, which was about 10 years ago.

The number one complaint people seem to use to justify not meal prepping is, “I don’t want to eat the same food every day”. I could care less, I consume food for my health not catering to my taste, although it is a bonus.

I do all my cooking on Sundays for the week.
Two of my favorite meals that has endless variations & additions:
Slow cooked chicken in salsa/bbq sauce. Adding in brown rice as well.
Lean ground beef, brown rice, black beans and corn.

Rice cooker and Slow cooker are a meal preps best friend.


Hey I forgot to post a picture of the finished product :disappointed: two have been used. We don’t prep all of the meat on sundays. I usually throw in leftovers as we have them. Pork chops, cube steaks, pork tenderloin, turkey burgers, mackerel filets and such. The small containers are a snack/9am break. Fruit, cheese and mixed nuts. I stick vitamins in with the ziplock of mixed nuts. Then the lunches… rice, broccoli, and green Lima’s this week along with whatever meat we have from leftovers. The only thing Grandon likes to measure is the rice and mixed nuts.


Healthy and organized, two of my favorite things! <3


Weekly meal prep underway.


I love this. You are so rad. Coolest mommy ever!


Aww thank you!

One week of 9am break/snacks :white_check_mark: mixed nuts, vitamins, orange, apple, pear and cheese!


Lunches partially finished. We have chicken in the crockpot and I’ll add leftovers during the week. Broccoli, rice and green Lima’s. We guesstimate $3.50 per day (2 meals) on meal prepping. Who says eating healthy is too expensive?!?!


Got that weekly meal prep done for @CryptoDad early this morning… (not pictured-buffalo chicken thighs)