Hello guy’s… I just Join this side my name is Eshan, tell me what about you?


What’s up Eshan! Glad you found us and joined! Make sure you introduce yourself here - WELCOME TO THE CRYPTONATION! - Introduce Yourself! and check this out if you haven’t already! https://10daysofbitcoin.com/

  • Elizabeth - I’m with Altcoin Fantasy. You can learn more about me on Linked In,
  • I’m based in the Philippines
  • I first invested in Doge and LTC. I started with just using faucets and then started trading them. Well, except for Doge.
  • Make Altcoin Fantasy profitable, Buy a new house and go on a World Cruise.
  • I’m excited about all the things people share. I’d very like to know what people’s opinion are about different coins and exchanges and just generally get a feel of what else we can provide at Altcoin Fantasy for similar users.
  • Bitcoin Pub sponsored a contest for us! They’re awesome.


I am just now starting your bitcoinpub thingy for my 1st time…


Welcome to the Crypto Nation @ArthurM4Health tell us about yourself


I am AAA_Zioiz, known as lamboland in some circles, I am a programmer, tech junkie, car enthusiast, and street bike racer.


Nice to see an intelligent crowd here. I enjoy Peter’s YouTube videos and general consistent reporting. That is what got me here. I am always building something mind-bending or unbelievable. Recently I forked about 300,000 lines of code in a side project into A.I. and machine learning crossed with block-chain and digital assets. More on that later. I can use Java, C#,C++, Solidity, buy prefer python, viper and node.js. Looking forward to meeting new people. Not sure if starting a new topic for an introduction is appropriate, but hey I’m sure someone could re-arrange this post or we could make a conversation out of it, lol


Welcome to the crypto nation @AAA_ZioiZ
Let’s hear more about what you’re up to!


Welcome @ArthurM4Health and @AAA_ZioiZ Glad y’all are here! Look forward to seeing you guys grow with our family!


From Seattle
Been into bitcoins for about 4/5 years


Travis from Seattle. Glad you’re here! If you need anything, let us know!


Hi, I am new to this community. I am Linkson Zulu from Zambia. I am interested in cryptocurrency. I a come across this site whilst browsing. Hope I will learn more :grinning:


welcome @Shub4 . We have tons of great information here, make sure you look around.


Your in the right place for Lambos! :lambo: In Montana we drive trucks or Honda Civics because we all have :sheep: Bros next door. :cowboy_hat_face: Welcome! :rocket:


Welcome to the Pub. :beers: You will find some great information here and perhaps some new friends. :cowboy_hat_face: as it is said, Ine nalisumina ukuti kwaliba umulandu twakumanine. Enjoy!


Welcome @Bossgamethegreat! I’d like to hear about your experience so far and some stories on what’s helped you stay in for the long term!

Welcome @Shub4! What interest you about cryptocurrency? It’s always great to see what brings new people in!


:joy::joy::joy::joy: love it


Thanks heavilyarmedclown


Welcome, Travis. With your time in BTC, you could probably teach a lot of people here a thing or two. Consider our Beta cohort.


So many awesome new people here. Welcome everyone! :beers: .


Hi folks,
a crypto enthusiast from Portugal!
There’s no boring days in cryptosphere so, here I am already in this long train!