Welcome to the pub you three! Awesome moon goals :bitrocket:.


Who are you? Jeremy
Where are you located? SA Australia
What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? Bitcoin.
What are you “TO THE MOON” goals? Money to retire on.
What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? Obtaining more knowledge to make better decisions.
And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? Peter from Decentralized TV on youtube
What coins do you have currently? Xmr and xrp


Hey guys noobie here, name is Brian. Looking to get deeper in the crypto game and trade for a living. Have had a rough time since January 2018. Lost a lot of money. I know nothing of TA, but I’m not sure that works on crypto lol.
I’m located in Philadelphia, PA
First Investment was Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum in January
To the Moon Goals: To make 10,000 dollars. I’m holding ECC, IPBC, Neblio, Neo for that purpose. Also Into bot trading.
I’m excited to be a part of a community that can help so we can all make a profit.
I learned about bitcoin.pub from following Peetah’s video’s @decentralizedtv


Welcome aboard or great hodler.



Welcome to the pub, Brian!

I also want to trade crypto for a living, at least as another source of income along with my YouTube channel (before YouTube bans all crypto related videos anyway).

I used to believe TA doesn’t work for crypto. And it probably didn’t work much last year as simply hodling would have made you a ton. I have been studying TA since and I absolutely believe it works. It doesn’t work 100% of the time, closer to 70% of the time. But at long as you put stop-losses in, you will almost definitely end up in the green.

Looking forward to chatting with you and the Cryptonation about day-trading/swing-trading/bot trading cryptos!


Welcome fellow NEBL hodler. :nebl:


Hello everyone!
My name is Joy and I am from Vienna, Austria :austria:.
I first bought Bitcoin in 2016, I got into the topic by listening to podcasts like Future Thinkers. :headphones:

My Moon Goal is to become financially free! :bitrocket:
For me that means having a basic income that allows me to focus my energy to work for a cause that I really care about, and to start a family of my own.

I am most exited about all the memes! :joy: jk
This community seems really nice and the layout and structure of this platform is really amazing. Seems like a pretty good incubator for new ideas as well as fun place to hang around and learn.

I found some videos by @peter on Youtube that led me here.
Cheers! :beers:

 Who are you? Maine-iac

 Where are you located? Texas for last 26 years, orig from... yep, Maine. Ayuh!

 What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? Have not yet. Just starting to learn through sites like this and thought I should do some studying and listening first.

 What are you “TO THE MOON 98” goals? Primarily, I'm getting older (62) and would like to be able to retire with enough to live reasonable comfortably and not be a burden on my children. :)

Other goals…I’d like to buy my mother a small home of her own. I’d like to pay off my place and perhaps have a little something to travel around and explore this great country of ours. So much of it that I have not seen. I’d like to be able to leave a little something behind for my children to help with their goals.

What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? From what I have seen so far, I am most impressed with the apparent willingness of the members and founders to share and communicate with others the things that they have learned through their own experience in this field of investment opportunities. I’ve had very limited time to participate so far, but hoping to change that soon as outside obligations get ticked off the todo list.

And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? Well, I knew absolutely nothing about crypto currencies, other than that they exist. The name Teeka Tiwari came across my screen from reading stuff one day, so not knowing who he was, I simply googled "Who the heck is Teeka Tiwari. After reading a few differing opinions on that topic, I stumbled across your link. I stepped into the Pub for a look around and liked what I saw. It seemed open and honest and a good spirited place where people enjoyed spending time on common interests. I am hoping to get started very soon on my own crypto investing. I am concerned that my timing won’t be perfect, etc. All the usual noob stuff of course. But I remain optimistic that I can gradually work my way into some level of success with my goals and possible make some new friends along the way.

I am sure that I will have the usual silly questions as a newly involved person, but you don’t learn if you don’t ask. I will try and not make a pest of myself and search for answers on my own when possible. I have already learned that there is a wealth of information here if one takes the time to read it. :slight_smile: I’m still working on that part.
I work on a computer every day, all day long, but I feel that I am so far behind in all the technology available today. I use it sort of like one would use a car. I am a piping designer and use CAD software for work. It does not require that I know how to program or build a computer or all that I could do with one. It just requires that I know how to “drive” the software that I use and know a little something about my field of work.
So this old guy is trying to play catch up at least to a level where he can do some good for himself and hopefully a few others along the way.
Lastly, thanks for reading my ramblings, I look forward to visiting with and learning from you all.
God Bless!


haha yes it was just curiosity if there are some bitcoin bars. Kind of a meeting point for cryptocurrency-freaks or something like that haha :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I tried to scroll to the end of Introduce yourself thread but my browser just can’t do it.
I am Tom Alexander, user name Tommy was already taken so Tomy will do.
I live in the UK near the town of Redcar on the North East coast of England.
The first currency I bought was Bitcoin which I then exchanged for BCC and got burned by BitConnect.
Its easy to make stupid decisions when you dont know what you are doing, however learning by making mistakes is not a bad thing as long as the penalty is not too high.
The good thing is that I do see the need for people to be able to control their own money but I do fear many (at this present time) will find that it is complicated and awkward to use crytocurrency. Setting up wallets and buying from exchanges though not difficult would be seen as a chore, an un-necessary waist of time. I have a bank account I can already pay for whatever I want whenever I want. At present the only advantage crypto gives me is to buy and sell internationally.
What is needed in the world of crypto is for everything to be made more simple, straight forward and easier if we want more people to adopt it.
I think the younger generation will be much more accepting (Tom Lee) but there is much to be done regarding the amount of scams going on, I feel we need to look after each other and warn others of scams as soon as possible, I also realise this is not an easy task as many scams can look quite legit.
I do feel the banks will probably create their own blockchains and currencies so as much as I think that Bitcoin is a genius idea I fear it will be beaten down because the banks will want to keep the control they have, and to most people money is something they use to buy the things they need so they can enjoy their lives and not have to worry about managing every aspect of the transactions they make.
Forgot to say Im 58 years old. I do hope for the kids sake they realise crpto is good and worthwhile and we all can help make it work for the sake of the human race.


glad you’re here friend! how did you find out about this place?


Hi John, its nice to find a place where people can exchange thoughts and ideas, I was on a forum involved with FAH (Folding at Home) many years ago.
After BitConnects exit scam I actually lost what BCC I had by sending the to a BCC desktop wallet which wasnt synced up. 2nd mistake with BitConnect. So I started watching youtube videos trying to find people I thought were honest in there understanding of cryptocurrency but had down to earth opinions about what is happening in the scene. So I guess its Peter’s fault I’m here, I do enjoy his content on Decentralized TV.
Just noticed my avatar, nooo only the Classic version.

  1. Jared
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Bitcoin in December 2017 :frowning:
  4. Making sure communities of color and low socioeconomic communities know about crypto!
  5. Love to meet some other people into crypto
  6. Youtube Channel


First buy was Bitcoin this year
I want financial freedom and peace of mind and to build a legacy for my children.
I am new to crypto since February but I am a diligent and disciplined life learner. I am new to the pub but I am so glad I found it and am absolutely over the moon about the future of block chain and what it is just scratching the surface of.

I’m excited to be here and I love decentralizedTV


Hey everyone,

Im Jake from Washington DC

I first bought Tron because I saw a youtube video where they talked about all of Tron’s announcements coming up and so I figured Id get my feet wet. So far so good! Now im hooked though haha.

To the moon would be paying for medical school!

Im most excited to just learn from everyone and hopefully help other n00bs once Im a wily vet like all of you!



I’m Niah located in Sherman Oaks, CA. I learned about cryptocurrency while on holiday; December 2017, visiting my folks. I knew I had stumbled onto something big after watching a TEDtalk on blockchain and the FOMO took over! My first investments were Ethereum and Litecoin predominately because it was on Coinbase. My goals are to eliminate my debt (credit card & school) and to build my nest. I am really happy to have found a community where robots aren’t giving away coins! I found my way here through Decentralize TV on youtube.


Who are you?
Alistair Merryman
Where are you located?
Los Angeles
What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why?
The crypto project I’m consulting on it’s currently accruing as a part of my compensation agreement.
What are you “TO THE MOON 99” goals?
I’m more interested in the social benefits of crypto and what the platforms empower.

What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community?
Learning, discussion, and diverse perspectives
And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)?
I’m a sucker for Asian YouTubers?


Dale is my name but all my friends call me Kells.

I’m from Milwaukee but I live Minneapolis

My first purchase was 2009 I brought $100 in BTC. Then I bought some weed from Silk Road and never thought about BTC again, until 2018 were I bought $100 in BTC @$14982 smh.

My to moon goals is just to make some money. And to have a great story to tell my grandkids when they ask me why our house is so big.


And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub…The great YouTube video


Hey everyone.

Mark, from Canberra, Australia.

Only got into cryptocurrency in Jan 2018. Has been a wild ride full of FOMO and FUD so far.

First purchase was ripple (noob) @ $3. Sold at $4.70 and rebought @ $4.50 thinking the train was never going to stop and i’d gamed the system! Only to watch it fall, and fall, and fall… bought a few others, and watched them fall too! again… noob. Basically, HODL’ing my alts until moon???

Moon goals are to buy bitcoin, learn the market, not repeat the same mistakes, pay off the house and take it easy.

Found out about the pub on youtube through decentralized tv!


Hi Everyone
I’m Ian,
living and working at sea around the globe.
I first brought BTC, ETH and LTC.
I support the revolution and want to see an end to the central banking system and their ILLEGAL control.
I’m looking forward to discussing forward thinking ideas that bring back control to the people.
I hope more people join groups like The Bitcoin Pub and help spread the word.