Welcome Trent! You are definitely here at the right time :bitrocket:.


Welcome to the pub man. We have similar moon goals :slight_smile: .


Thanks for joining Vadim. Continue to build for the crypto space and beyond.


Yo Bella! That’s actually sounds like an interesting and fun job to have.


I see you Alex. Awesome goals and keep supporting the family :bitrocket:.


Welcome Johann. Thanks for introducing yourself before posting about your crypto tracker app. Looks awesome man.


thanks for the warm welcome guess my flag will be right next to urs on the lunar surface lol


Hi we love peter’s show and happy to be here! I will update more about us soon signed up at 4:00 am late night hard working

  1. Vinko Karamatic, @Vinjoza - you can see more on https://www.linkedin.com/in/vinko-karamatic-26354320/

  2. I’m from Croatia - the place you will want to spend your moon stash in :wink:

  3. I got in BTC at turn of 2015/2016… got convinced by a few early adopter friends. Iwas very silent in BTC for a long time, but now involved so much I got to advise on a crypto project

  4. My “to the moon” goal actually is to hodl the lows of big players, and accumulate the prospective upcomers and underdogs. How to spend the money? Very boring, diversify the investment, spend some on travel perhaps, but mostly ensure a safety net for me and my family.

5.What I’m excited about thebitcoin.pub is really the fact that there is such a big website here, vivid and flourishing, and I’m just learning about it


You’re right! Croatia has beautiful beaches! I love going to Valalta and Zrce… so many good times.


Hi Ladies and Gents. I’m Mark from the UK but work in aviation in the UAE.

Came to crypto this January just in time for the big dip. First coin I bought was APPC.
Since then I’ve got into XRP OMG and PPT. I love the opportunities this brave new world is creating (I’ll love it more when I’m in the black : )

Came to the Pub from idly surfing and was real pleased to discover this ‘little’ haven.

Best of luck to you all in Q2 and beyond:shamrock:



Welcome to the pub! Take you’re time on the introduction. No rush :slight_smile: .


Glad for you to join us Mr. Vinko! Those sound like pretty exciting ways to spend money to me :stuck_out_tongue: .


Welcome Mark! I felt the same way when I first joined here at the beginning. The best crypto community hands down to be honest.


Who are you.My name is Wes.
Im located in Perth Australia.
First crypto was Bitcoin as I needed that to transfer to other crypto.
My To the moon goals are to be financially independent and incorporate the use of crypto in my business.As well as using crypto to build further assets.
The most exciting things about crypto are that the potential for mass adoption across the globe and having a community such as this is terrific as everyone is at different stages with different experiences and gives you an idea on success’ and failures but more important the issues and obstacles we can face and the strategies to improve our trading and positions.The other thing I like about this site is that it explores most avenues if not all, of the crypto world not just trading as it can be an alice in wonderland rabbit hole.Look forward to reading your posts and thanks for having me.:grin::grin:


Oh and I forgot I found the Pub from a google search after I attended a 3 day crypto course.I realized the importance of being a part of a like minded community.:smile:



Welcome to the pub Wes! I like your take on how you perceive the crypto community. Keep at it!


Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Mining, buying and trading.
Stable incomes and securing financial future.
Learn and communicate.
Peter’s videos on DecentralizedTV.


I’m Sherri
I’m from North Carolina
BTC was the first coin I invested in to go into an ICO to, supposedly, multiply my BTC. It turns out, that was a bad investment.
My goal, now, isto make better investments and get that 1 BTC, 5 Eth, 5 LTC,(I think):), and more alts.
I’ll start DCAing soon.
I’m most excited about increasing my knowledge, and leaving a great legacy for my children.


Thanks for reading, Matt😁


Hola Bella, Bienvenida!


Yo welcome @Karam and @SherriK! You’re both at the right place to learn how to become more informed investors :slight_smile: .


been lurking for a bit now

I am Orkin Sidewayes Hart, pirate and Independent contractor
I am landlocked in wonderful Colorado
I mined my first crypto in Jan, I have also done DCAing into BTC during the price drop from 16k
I plan to build my BTC holdings until 2030.
connecting with like minded people and gaining knowledge
DCTV and peter got me coming here.


Welcome to the pub @Orkin_Sidewayes_Hart. That’s some dedication buying BTC until 2030. Stick to that goal man :bitrocket: .


Ok I’m Fatninja (never give out your real name and other personal info unless your into identity theft and like having your life ruined)
Live in Alberta, Canada
First crypto was Ethereum as for why there are a few reasons, I’m mining Crypto, it was the most profitable to mine, heard a lot about it on the local radio station and found out I knew a few people that were mining already.
My “To the Moon” goals are to get about 160 GPU mining as a source of steady growth in Ethereum (saving for retirement) while using the first 5 coins to trade with. As for what I’m excited about with this site is simple looking forward to hearing from like minded individuals while hopeful keeping up on the latest news and rumors in an attempt to faster more profitable trades and to get/give help to those having issues mining.
I found this site while using google to try and solve my AMD hashing issues.


Yo welcome @Fatninja. Thanks for staying vigilant online, and that’s a pretty big mining rig you’re going for. I say do it :bitrocket:.


Ya I want to hit 8-10k/month in revenue generated mining Ethereum. Will have 1 6 GPU RIG AND 2 19 GPU rigs (if can one to run stable and reliable. Once get 2nd 19 GPU rig started or if switch back to all 6 GPU rigs will switch to Nicehash and let it run the most profitable coin. Using the currency mined to that point to trade coin to coin or coin to fiat depending on profitability and the rest will just build up till I retire. Everyone freaks out when the currencyies drop but me I don’t care as long as it rebounds that’s all I care about. If Ethereum were to drop to 1 cent I’d still keep mining because if I mine 20 coins while it’s at 1cent if I sell at $2k at the end then it’s the same as mining at $2k the entire time with the added benefit that many would stop and I’d mine more coins faster.