Glad to have you here Darryl! Your kids and grandkids are going to thank you big time :slight_smile: .


Hello All,

After some technical difficulties, I have arrived. Glad to be here. Looking forward to a great time here in the Pub.


Welcome to the the pub @vitaLickMyButerin :bitrocket:.


Hola, muchos gracias~


jeremy you from adelaide?!


Hi All,

I’m just starting the B90X and my first assignment is to talk about myself and point out what i think is important in the satochi nakamoto white paper.

I m a retired private investor interested in currencies at large, including less obvious currencies such as gold and from now on cryptos as well.

What i found great about satochi white paper is that it uses multiples “old & proven” technologies to make a new one, the block chain. The PGP crypto tech has been around for decades, networks around for decades too. using these technologies together to make not only a blockchain but something useful out of it is fantastic.

What i found most profound is that “we the people” finally have through technology a real shot at truely independently and truely freely decide how we want to manage our wealth, without monopoles taxing and puctioning us on the way.

When i read something about history that is say 300 years old, i don’t really find it that old. and basically nothing has really changed throught history. Human mentality is still basically the same as it always was.

Now, for the first time since the writtings of the Sumerians 8,500 years ago, we have a technology that we all together can push forward and continue to develop in the next few decdades, and really get to a point where society has changed to such an extent that human nature can actually become “more docile” so to speak.

I got my first bitcoin today in my Electrum wallet. I’m all set for the BX90 !


Welcome to the Pub :beers: … strap in your seat, this :rocket: will be traveling at a speed of about about 36,000 miles per hour!! Sounds like you may want to consider DCA (dollar cost averaging :dollar: - which you will hear about often in DCTV talks and various messaging.
Not every space cowboy :cowboy_hat_face: (or cowgirl :rofl:) can just drop in and invest a bag o’ :moneybag:. Consistancy over time :alarm_clock:

Coinbase is a great start and many of people (myself included) have started that way. Welcome! :balloon:


Wollongong RULESS!!! Colorado loves ya!


My name is Saxonia. Not my real name… I enjoy my anonymity in this space
I am a professional musician living in Denver, CO
I started buying Bitcoin after reading “The Internet of Money” by Andreas Antonopolous and “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. I’ve been buying Bitcoin and investing in Alts ever since
I would like to 10x every alt coin investment… at least. My end goal is accumulating Bitcoin, to be debt free and to live off crypto earnings.
I’m excited about my ongoing education and my personal development and contributing to the betterment of our planet. I’m excited about creating wealth for my family and our generations to come.
I stumbled across an interview with Peter on Youtube and found him very inspiring.


Hi Tracy how’s it’s going I live in South Carolina… Fl is a great place to vacation :sunglasses::ok_hand:t2:


Hi! my name is Alex, I’m live Miami FL. I discovered bitcoin though andreas antonopoulos and his lectures/speeches about cryptocurrency and it fascinated me. Then I quickly began following Peter’s youtube videos; which lead me here. I just bought some bitcoin and ether this year and would like to learn more about alt coins. My “TO THE MOON” goals…hmmm not sure about them, but I do want to learn as much as possible about blockchain technology and be a part of the community. I think that will as rewarding as any monetary gain I may have along the way. I actively tell people about bitcoin as much as possible while offering them a small transaction to get started, I’ve had people say no?!
Glad to be here,



Welcome to the pub anonymous member! Personal development and the betterment of our planet? I can dig that goal.


Yo glad to have you here Alex! You can’t convince everyone, but we’re glad you’re here with us :slight_smile: .


Hello CryptoNation.

crypt0junki3 here,

long-time dtv fan from youtube that finally decided to take the plunge and register for an account here.
I hail from the Oregon, USA
First crypto I invested in was bitcoin. Trust in math mein!!
My to the moon goals? Find my place in this growing crypto space.
Very excited to learn about other potential CryptoNation members in my vicinity.


I’m Nate. I am a small organic vegetable farmer in Florida.
Bought BTC 2013 $800-ish
Love learning more about the crypto space and growing my BTC value with occasional swing trades.
Love personal freedom and responsibility. Distrust corporate media.
Have enjoyed Decentralized TV for months. Finally able to make the time to join the bitcoin pub community.


hello all

who am i?
ibrahim you can check my LinkedIn

my location

what pulled me to cyptoCurrency you may ask?
i knew about bitcoin since 2009 the day that bitcoin came out but never thought about it because i thought it was just another currency therefore was never interested in money. because i was one of those people that got heavily effected by the crisis in those day and still am.
until 2017 the day that i spoke to a person that really understood the nature of bitcoin and told me the magic word that change my whole life. the word was DECENTRALISED and just that word flipped my whole ideology of bitcoin.
when that person told me that bitcoin was decentralised. i promised him that am gonna go all in on this with no doubt. since that day am holder/banker :wink: and trying to learn and educated myself regarding blockchain and bitcoin am looking to learn the language and start programming. i already bought a bitcoin when it was relative but luckily i spend little money since i don’t have a lot to invest so my losses was limited when bitcoin dropped in value.

my goals?
get involved in bitcoin and the technology behind bitcoin and while am doing so go to the moon? hey why not
but my real goal is to create free content to get more people in this field and make sure that banks dont have the last word.

what am mostly excited about?
spread the love of bitcoin to the 3rd world country can stop fraud and fud

why bitcoin pub?
of course because ma man peter he is an inspiration to me.


Who are you? Matthijs (Snake Plisken)
Where are you located? Near Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Litecoin was my first, heard some good things about it so I figured, heck why not try it. Since then bought some ETH, EOS. In small bills still…
What are you “TO THE MOON” goals? I like to make my first € 10.000,- (start small) and make my way up to 25.000 and 50.000 to buy my own house and a nice car, vacation. I figured, if I can make 50.000 with smart trading, then sky is the limit. I’d like tot buy a windmill in the future, it is a good businesscase and sustainable. And who knows, maybe I can support my sister and mother in the future (yeah, I know right? :sunglasses::heart_eyes: )
What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? That everyone is eager tot make a good buck and sharing knowledge to make the dream come true.
And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? I was looking on how to buy Litecoin and I stumbled upon the Bitesizebitcoin Channel. Great stuff!

Watching your ‘Bitesize Moongoals’ on Youtube, on goal setting and writing them down. I’m doing that now for 7 years, and it does help to stay focused.
CU guys around!


Dear CryptoNation,

My name is Adam and I live in north of Poland.
I work in IT. I didn’t earned enough to quit this job, but hopefully it will change so that I can spend more time with my family.
In the first place I did invest in BTC, while it was ~2500 USD, afterwards I built 5 mining rigs to mine ETH.
With ETH I did invest in ~10 ICO’s.
After 10 months of experience in crypto I can say I’m addicted. It’s great that the crypto community is very friendly
I found BitcoinPub via YT/DecentralizedTV.



Welcome to the pub! You will definitely learn a lot here. This place is pretty awesome.


Yo glad to have you here Nate! It’s never too late to join the pub. That BTC buy at $800 though :bitrocket:.


Good to have you here Ibrahim! Getting into blockchain and seeing where it can take you is a worthwhile experience. Tons of opportunity in this space.


Welcome to the pub dude. Those moon goals are the dreams man. Stay dedicated and make it happen :muscle:.


Hey what’s going on Adam? Glad to have you here. Creating room to spend more time with you family is always a respectable thing in my eyes :+1: . Make it happen.


Greetings everyone! I’m new to the Bitcoin Pub, but have been watching Decentralized TV for a few months now (which is how I found out about this site). I’m fairly new to the Crypto community and I have come late to the part and have yet to experience what the moon feels like under my feet.

My biggest holding atm is ICX. I love what they’re doing, the calibre of the team and essentially I’m well experienced with just how diligent Koreans are. If you know, you know. Put it this way, there’s absolutely NO WAY that they’re gonna sit back and let Japan of all countries become a forerunner in crypto.

One reason I came here is because it seems like people are well informed and aren’t all about ‘Why no moon?’ as they are on Twitter and Reddit. I have experience of trading penny shares in the stock market, so I know about pump and dumps, watching for the snake oil merchants etc. It’s all part of the fun!

Anywho, I hope I can gain some valuable knowledge and meet some good people here. Cheers everyone!


Hey welcome man! I think you will find the information from out members here more than valuable :slight_smile: .