Thanks dude. I’m pretty good with research, but a touch less so with computers. I can obviously USE one, but the finer points elude me sometimes.
Some of this is a little overwhelming, ya know?


names jonah

i live in kentucky

i have not invested yet(not in a position to really do so sadly)

live to see people realize that government is a third party,and that crypto will lead to its obsolition.

how you interpret the grow of block chain technology, sense its limitless its going to me very fun to see how you guys think.

i found peters channel "DeCentralizedTV"on youtube after i finally looked up block chain technology when i got bored enough to do so, thought it was all about crypto currencies and got btfo’ed by the information overload.

question now is peter shilling yen.io or hes he just a good businessman?


Peter is good man. That’s all I can tell.


yeah i got that feeling too. but i am gullible for the most part so i got to be paranoid or people can easily take me for a ride,


I wish I know the answer.


“Gullible” new word for me. Yes I’m gullible too.


Hi ya’ll! I am in Alabama and got into the crypto space sometime last Fall before the big run-up. I am part of the Alabama Blockchain Coalition and if anyone can, come out to tonight’s meet-up here: It’s that time of the month again folks! Alabama Blockchain Coalition’s next meeting is here! https://www.meetup.com/Alabama-Blockchain-Coalition-ABC/events/251349645/

I am not a trader, investor, or a current hodler. My interest lies in developing blockchain apps and using projects that I can earn tokens from. I am, for all intents and purposes, an earner. So far, I have used a variety of apps to earn tokens and coins. This year, I would like to earn tokens from a dapp I would build. See you soon @everyone!


Hi all, Greetings from USA. We are a mining hardware supplier. We have industrial mining bundles for crypto enthusiast and hobbyist miners. Feel free to checkout our website :slight_smile:



Why dont you do your own ICO then ? develop DApp platform with your idea



Welcome to the pub Michael! Helping the core of the the blockchain community is always welcome. Keep at it!


Welcome once again :stuck_out_tongue: .


Hi here! I’m Marcel from Argentina 34 yo
I first invested in BTC back in 2013 while I was working illegally as a gardener… I entered all on my savings (only 120 USD :cry:) on Virwox which was an early online exchange. Had to buy Second life coins (for that awful game that was trending back then) and then used those shit tokens to buy my precious BTC. Managed to buy 1.4 BTC with that amount right while it was peaking. It went up and I could had doubled up right out of the bat but I was caught working and checking preev.com to see how much money I was making.
Then it went back down and I forgot all about it for several years. Placed a part on MtGox and managed to withdraw before the shitstorm.
Started trading back in November 2017 but again I didn’t grasp the rarity of the 19k price surge and again didnt sell any of my coins. Now those are bags but still hodling.
My goals are to hodl this until I can retire (that does not mean it will be when I’m old)
It’s nice to know that the fundamentals that led me here are still right.
I found out about bitcoinpub through decentralized tv on youtube.

See you!


Hi guys! This is just me introducing myself to the cryptonation. Doing the B90X challenge. Wish me luck!


Welcome Michael. B90X program is the best and I wish you perseverance instead of luck!


Hi there, My name is Fiona, aka Ruby_Tuezday from Brisbane, Australia. I chose my crypto handle as an affirmation to be freed from financial worries so that I am able to pursue my creative dreams as a musician and artist. The lyrics to the song which inspired the name says it all - Dont question why she needs to be so free. She just cant be chained to a life where nothing is gained, or nothing is lost, at such a cost.

I`ve been in a huge learning curve after investing in XRP in December 2017 (sigh), however I am still here puting in the hours of research, with the aim of becoming a successful trader. I am looking forward to being a part of this community!


Welcome to the show! Only those who are willing to stick in there, survive!


Who are you?
BitUnits.Club @BitUnits (twitter)
Where are you located?
What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why?
Litecoin. why not?
What are you “TO THE MOON 106” goals?
The successful launch and AIRDROP of BitUnits (UNITS)
What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community?
Sharing BitUnits (UNITS) experience with the community. Our Airdrop is live!
And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)?
Decentralizedtv Peter


Thanks Peter. I`ve put in months of research, now time to put my money where my mouth is! Cheers, Fiona


Who are you?
Where are you located?
Currently in Sarajevo, Bosnia
What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why?
This is my first time ever getting involved in the field, hence my username.:grin:
What are your “TO THE MOON” goals?
Lifting off the financial support burden of my parents’ shoulders
What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community?
The willingness and dedication of the members that reach out to help.
Awesome place to learn more about this unstoppable revolutionary train.
And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)?
Found out about this website through DecentralizedTV YouTube channel.



Welcome to the pub @BitUnits!


Glad to see you here with us Ali. What an awesome and thoughtful moon goal!

  I am William AKA MeddlingSheep
  From the corn fields of Illinois
  Dragon chain and bitcoin because bitcoin is bitcoin and Disney makes money
   I want to get my hands on the controls of this rocket ship, because it is going to the moon with or without me.  I want to get my kids at the controls also.  But I think the real game is in mining, though I may be wrong.
    I would love to bring my friends along, but i always get that dear in headlights look.  I'm hoping to be able to explain all this stuff in layman terms and The Bitcoin Pub is the key to that, I think.  
     I saw Peter on Youtube, and in the sea of crypto nuts out there, You seem real.  You are enthusiastic without the unnecessary hype. You are building something and not just a talking head Pro 2nd amendment is a big plus.