1. I am Mr. J.R.
  2. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  3. Bitcoin to gamble online (lol!)
  4. I am working towards 1 BTC mainly. I like LTC as well. I collect Dogecoin and Potcoin for fun - no $ invested in those two.
  5. Just learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Not sure what I could add…
  6. I found “Decentralized TV” on Youtube. I don’t know, maybe its the car behind Peter, but he strikes me as a guy who knows a thing or two about all this crypto stuff.


Hello guyz, thzx to this forum topics about criptocurrency, Congratulations on this great project…

Who are you? Giancarlo F. Naves (Giancarlo Magroni) "Magroni as a nickname - Niobio Cash [NBR] Core Team
Where are you located? Uberlândia - Minas Gerais - Brazil
What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? XMR Monero nice coin… :clap::clap::clap:
What are you “[TO THE MOON] goals? can i see in link above :fu::fu::fu:
What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community?
Exchange experiences, make new friends and opportunities for partnerships and businesses…
defend the cause of illicit exploitation of the mineral NB in ​​Brazil, decentralizing this monopoly and creating a currency that is usable with efficient payment and exchange systems in all the world. #tothemoon
And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? Youtube Videos.


1.You can call me alex
2.Currently at ivory coast
3.first crypto was vibe,saw the project at crypto daily channel
4.To be a very successful trader and use this infancy stage of the crypto market to my advantage to learn best.
5.To keep meeting like minded people,and help each other along the way.
6.From Decentrilized TV channel


Hey guys,

  1. Who are you? Alex
  2. Where are you located? Germany
  3. What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? TRON ;(
  4. What are you goals? In the near future finishing my master thesis regarding ICOs :wink:
  5. What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? That the community hopefully supports me in conducting my research survey regarding information sources of ICO retail investors!
  6. And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? Word of mouth



Howdy y’all! My names Luis from the lovely state of NJ. My first interaction with Cryptocurrency was beatcoin but later moved into litecoin. Bought low low low and sold high high high. My to the moon goal is paying off my student debt to free up more monies for crypto. I stumbled upon a video of Grand Master Peter on DCTV and have been hooked since. Joining the bitcoin.pub feels like signing up for the winning team! Excited to learn and grow beside all of you!



I’m John. And here’s what you need to know about me. My small introduction, if you will.

1. Who are you?

- As I said, I’m John.

2. Where are you located?

- Arkansas, United States

3. What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why?

- Litecoin! I’m a fan of the clean image (for the sake of marketing), Charlie Lee, and I wanted to be able to buy full coins because I was a noob.

4. What are you “TO THE MOON 109” goals?

- Use gains to invest in real estate, and other partially-passive income streams that can support me for the rest of my life. I want to always have things I am working on, but I don’t ever want to work for someone else again. I want to spend my time with my family, and helping those that God brings across my path.

5. What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community?

-Selflessly: helping other people get started in the crypto space. Selfishly: connecting with other like-minded people and entrepreneurs to help each other build real businesses.

6. And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)?

-Youtube. Duh.


Hi all, I’m Rosalie.

I currently live in Missouri.

My first investment was Bitcoin. I’ve been researching the crypto platform for my project VARWEE and started learning how to invest, hodl, and trade crypto to get a better understanding of how it works, how it can be implemented into my project and how it can fund both my project and my desired lifestyle.

My “To the Moon” goals are many however my main goal is to launch VARWEE, an earn as you learn RPG educational program that customizes virtual and real world learning to individuals needs and interest while providing realtime evaluation of education and documented transcripts for the parents/guardians.

I’m excited to be part of a growing community of likeminded forward thinkers and early adapters that are positioning themselves to take part in an incredible future. This is going to be an amazing ride to the moon!

I found The Bitcoin Pub on Decentralized TV.


I’m a House DJ who spins on a UK station (No Grief FM - Turn It Tuesday), currently retired from the accounting department at Four Season Restaurant (NYC). Needed a way to boost my investment and build a better nest-egg. Took a few courses on Udemy.com (Bitcoin with George Levy), made few coin and token purchases. I currently residing Flushing, NY. My first coin was Bitcoin followed by Ethereum , Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. I’m using Coinbase, Blockchain, CASH by Square a online wallets and Keep Key as my offline wallet. I’m ok but I could be better. My goals are build a strong nest-egg in as many coins as I can. What excites me most is improving the learning curve and make profits in either a Bear or Bull market consistently.


Welcome! @Rosalie and @MDCheirs524!
Make sure to go through our B90X program! Start at day 1!


Robert from NJ
I’m new to crypto currencies.
The to the Moon goals to live and work independently as my own boss.
I’m also interested in hearing what others are doing, their strategies.


Hi my name is Will

The first crypto I invested in was Bitcoin Core, back when it was worth 18,000 USD and I am still here. My to the moon goals are that I never sell my BTC and everyone starts accepting it instead.

Personally I am just excited to learn more and more about this technology and all the ways that it empowers mankind, I do not plan to stop learning about this technology anytime soon, and I have a lot of catching up to do in regards to the technology.

I found the Bitcoin Pub by watching Peter on decentralized TV. You are the man Peter thanks for the constant updates on different things going on in the crypto space,I love how you are not shilly :stuck_out_tongue: at all, you are just about the information.


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  1. Player.one who is interested in Blockchain tech more than crypto
  2. Asia Pacific
  3. Bitcoin, 2017 @$6,xxx (swag)
  4. Make blockchain tech more accessible for everyone
  5. Meeting new folks who are also big believer about blockchain tech. I recently found out about BNS, anyone?
  6. Just googled it online


Who are you?
Chavar Dontae, I’m a recording artist and I own a consulting and design firm.

Where are you located?
Toledo, Oh

What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? BTC, privacy and I did not want to allow another world changing technology develop without being a part of it.

What are you “TO THE MOON” goals?
Generational financial freedom.

What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? Spreading the word and making as many consumers aware that they still have a chance to invest in world changing technology. Also, last but not least, Yen.io!

And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? Decentralized TV.


Welcome here @poetictone! That’s a pretty cool career and moon goal :bitrocket: .


Hello there, I found this forum in google, I like the layout of posting here with the slider looks very nice, I don’t know much about crypto all I know is that I have some of it and I like the idea of keep my money away from the banks.
Thanks for reading.


Glad to have you here @hyper-support! This is a fantastic place to start, and our people here are more than willing to help you if needed.



Hello Everyone

I’m usually not very active online because I really hate my phone or not seeing people I talk to but for this I will give it a try. :wink:

So, my Name is Loris.

I’m from Basel, Switzerland.

Aaand I got my first bitcoin years ago together with a friend to buy naughty things on the shady side of the spider’s residence for around 300 Dollars. Back then I didn’t even think of keeping any (oh well haha).
I pretty much went offgrid from October 17 until March this year and only got cryptoexcited around april when the price reached around 6000 again.

I first only held BTC and ETH but I quickly got ICON, Zcash, Cardano, Golem and a couple of others and hodled through the bad time being the noob that I was (and still am).
I also participated in an ICO called Optitoken, because the idea behind it seemed so easy to understand and humble I thought it’d attract many noobs like me and more. I even bought more when the price dumped to around 170 sats when it was first introduced. Now it’s around 4000 and (in theory) I’m evensteven but yeah no liquidity whatsoever haha.

I don’t really care for money as I really enjoyed this year even though my (rather large) investments were constantly loosing value.
My goal is to make enough of it so my parents can retire earlier, so I’m widely independent of a moneymaking job and so I can get a big property for friends and family where we can live close to each other for support and better ties once we have our own families, for I think sharing both responsabillity and happiness will make our all lifes much richer.

I’m very empathetic and open and think I can be of great assistance to people I meet in person. As I said I’m a noob in financial and technical questions so I hope to learn a lot from more sophisticated people in here.

And I’ve listend to you Peter since April this year on youtube. But it took me a whiiiiile to actually follow your advice and create an account here and even longer to make this very first post which’s creation itself feels even longerererer than all the time I spent listening to you. (I really do hate writing on my phone but I’m on holidays and it felt like the thing to do whatever)

So yeah… Great to be here🤗


so glad you’re here! even if it took you a while to join us here… doesn’t matter!


Welcome! This is why we persevere!