Welcome to the CRYPTONATION.
Glad that you made it here.
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Welcome to the pub. We are glad you’re here.

  1. David Knox

  2. Huntsville AL

  3. Bitcoin: It was the easiest to understand with new eyes.

  4. I want to start my own video game company (hopefully using blockchain). I am a designer in the gaming industry and have this unquenchable thirst to, one day, be my own boss.

  5. I am most excited about seeing how many different industries and lives crypto can impact for the better.

  6. By watching youtube videos about crypto


1.Who are you? Wes
2.Where are you located? Moscow, Russia
3.What was the first cryptocurrency that you invested in and why? Bitcoin and XRP. It all started out as an experiment to learn about crypto and block chain.
4.What are you “TO THE MOON 109” goals? Taking care of the money thing so I can retire from my industry and move on with life!
5.What are you the most excited about in terms of our growing community? Learning the tech.
6.And, how did you find The Bitcoin Pub (we’d like to know!)? Peter’s videos


Holy Shite, I have been here, on and off for about 9 months. My name is Derek and I live in the US state of Maryland.

The first cryptocurrency I invested in was bitcoin because it was easy to buy on Coinbase and BTC is King. But, I first mined a little BTC in 2013, with a Butterfly labs asics miner, also mined a some LTC during the same period of time. I basically exited after Mt. Gox and I am one of those guys that wishes he would have stayed, but I came back last year. I can see the potential of the technology and I want to be involved by investing and building.

My to the moon goal/goals are to pay off my house, build a business around blockchain tech and achieve financial independence. I am most excited about the level of interaction that Peter an John provide to the community. They are truly a part of it. I am also appreciative of the nuggets of knowledge that Peter shares from time to time.

I found The Bitcoin Pub performing some kind of google search…

Looking forward to engaging more.


Great to have you here @Crypto_dw
and btw. Happy birthday Darek :birthday:

Hey I just join as a member

Hello guy’s… I just Join this side my name is Eshan, tell me what about you?


Welcome! Make sure to introduce yourself here:


You have found the right place! Glad you’re here! Check this out if you haven’t already! https://10daysofbitcoin.com/


Hello guy’s… I just Join this side my name is Eshan, tell me what about you?


What’s up Eshan! Glad you found us and joined! Make sure you introduce yourself here - WELCOME TO THE CRYPTONATION! - Introduce Yourself! and check this out if you haven’t already! https://10daysofbitcoin.com/

  • Elizabeth - I’m with Altcoin Fantasy. You can learn more about me on Linked In,
  • I’m based in the Philippines
  • I first invested in Doge and LTC. I started with just using faucets and then started trading them. Well, except for Doge.
  • Make Altcoin Fantasy profitable, Buy a new house and go on a World Cruise.
  • I’m excited about all the things people share. I’d very like to know what people’s opinion are about different coins and exchanges and just generally get a feel of what else we can provide at Altcoin Fantasy for similar users.
  • Bitcoin Pub sponsored a contest for us! They’re awesome.


I am just now starting your bitcoinpub thingy for my 1st time…


Welcome to the Crypto Nation @ArthurM4Health tell us about yourself


I am AAA_Zioiz, known as lamboland in some circles, I am a programmer, tech junkie, car enthusiast, and street bike racer.

Nice to see an intelligent crowd here. I enjoy Peter’s YouTube videos and general consistent reporting. That is what got me here. I am always building something mind-bending or unbelievable. Looking forward to meeting new people.


Welcome to the crypto nation @AAA_ZioiZ
Let’s hear more about what you’re up to!


Welcome @ArthurM4Health and @AAA_ZioiZ Glad y’all are here! Look forward to seeing you guys grow with our family!


From Seattle
Been into bitcoins for about 4/5 years


Travis from Seattle. Glad you’re here! If you need anything, let us know!


Hi, I am new to this community. I am Linkson Zulu from Zambia. I am interested in cryptocurrency. I a come across this site whilst browsing. Hope I will learn more :grinning: