welcome @Shub4 . We have tons of great information here, make sure you look around.


Your in the right place for Lambos! :lambo: In Montana we drive trucks or Honda Civics because we all have :sheep: Bros next door. :cowboy_hat_face: Welcome! :rocket:


Welcome to the Pub. :beers: You will find some great information here and perhaps some new friends. :cowboy_hat_face: as it is said, Ine nalisumina ukuti kwaliba umulandu twakumanine. Enjoy!


Welcome @Bossgamethegreat! I’d like to hear about your experience so far and some stories on what’s helped you stay in for the long term!

Welcome @Shub4! What interest you about cryptocurrency? It’s always great to see what brings new people in!


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Thanks heavilyarmedclown


Welcome, Travis. With your time in BTC, you could probably teach a lot of people here a thing or two. Consider our Beta cohort.


So many awesome new people here. Welcome everyone! :beers: .


Hi folks,
a crypto enthusiast from Portugal!
There’s no boring days in cryptosphere so, here I am already in this long train!


Hi everyone thank for creating this forum it’s so young and we hope everyone enjoys their time and stay here…

I am Andy from India UTC +5:30
Working as a GP (doctor), love Crypto Assets, Love Anime, Like Korean & Chinese drama, AND GAMER, Love Linux.


Loved the way u breezed threw sms no Internet required payments it should b linked to a payment card, app or other delivery service … like on foot etc lol but seriously true.
Keep it up
I don’t check it often but u do check in x


excellent! glad you’re here!

  1. John Conlin, homo sapiens sapiens
  2. New York, NY
  3. Bitcoin. I believe in Austrian Economics
  4. Replace fiat based monetary systems with market based monetary systems via cryptoassets.
  5. I am excited about learning from veterans and seeing new people learn about crypto.
  6. I saw Peter speak at a blockchain conference in NYC last year, led me to his youtube, and he shilled the bitcoin pub enough that I had to check it out.


Im jstreload coin coin where to start. a ong long time ago i bought these crazy things called bitconz or something like that. had tons of them. would play these crazy chance games and laugh because i would get 10 - 15 a day then my girl got on me for playing with nonsense. and so it was forgotten…along with my wallet key. then DEC 16th this past year came and i was hit by a drunk driver and my life came to a halt abruptly. lost clients due to my inability to handle their needs effectively. And there was all this hype about these coins. and then i saw how much they were selling for. Oh honey you know those coins bitlost or whatever you call them… we are rich. Nope being able to recover wallet is needed and well it was like getting hit by the drunk driver all over or losing the winning power-ball ticket. She sure was all about those coins then all of a sudden. and of course how could you lose that info. I heard it all. So my wheels started turning. hmmm i need to make money I have done so pennies back then but i did make money with these coins. So I did what some research and stumbled upon a faucet and started grinding. It pulled me from my slump. and so that got my wheels turning again. Him if it helped me not only mentally but financially how can I scale this. To me coins and i dont care what coin, coin as a whole have a unique quality. its not about the hype of how much you make or lose, to me no! It’s that coins have the ability to empower people and give people a voice, income a purpose that they might not have had before. Take this that I’ve written. You are interested because we have a common interest. I don’t know you. You may be a shut in, afraid to talk to others. and in coin world that’s absolutely ok. You can be you and we are all equal. Does not matter coins do not discriminate because you live in a 3rd world country and had to walk an hour and a half to find internet. to me that’s powerful stuff. And i want to be able to help others reach their goals that they might have missed out on if it were not for coin. And i am here if you have an idea you need to get out, debate etc, go for it, im all ears. lets make something awesome. the only thing stopping you from doing something great is you. Thanks guys


Welcome my friend! I got rid of your crypto address as we don’t want to be sharing that on this forum!


how y’all niggas doing.

i just came here by accident and i’m interested to learn something about mining especially mining with ASIC miners. my hobbys are reading, laughing and playing football. my mom forced me to write this she said that it would b impolite to not introduce myself properly. help me i’m gettin beaten twice a day.


Welcome @CHERICHERILADY Great to have you here in the PUB

You will find everything here https://thebitcoin.pub/c/mining

September 25th, 2018 - ROLL CALL! - Failure

thanks mate

also s/o to peter, he keeps liking everything I write.


Yeah… Peter likes a lot of things here in the PUB :pdealwithit:


It’s my way of showing I’m reading all things… :tinfoilhat: