Peter is Illuminati Big Brother :illuminati: :tinfoilhat: :pdealwithit:


I am Goodness from Lagos, Nigeria. I got into crypto after learning about it on BBC programs back in 2010


Great to have you here in the Pub brother.
Best way to start your journey here is to go through B90X program.


Welcome to the crypto nation @goody5


Hi guys, so once again, but this time on the right thread and a bit more explanation about myself.

I am new to thebitcoin.pub and live in the Netherlands. I started with crypto while it was at its peak and made all the mistakes a man can make in Crypto (at least this I hope ;))…

So I bought BITCOIN because I really believe it will change our future. Afterwards I just got myself into a lot of Altcoins to gain more BTC (but without any TA knowledge this was just a loosing strategy).

I decided to use this year to build (learned about TA and more about blockchain and background of many coins I like). My losses I now see as a sort of study-money :slight_smile: I really did a lot of research in the meantime and have set my plan. For me in order to still have a life, HODL and Value averaging is the best option. Mostly BTC and a smaller amount in BNB, ETC, NEO, XLM and ICX. In these companies I believe because of their honest leadership and potential.

I came accross Thebitcoin.pub, because I followed @peter on youtube with Decentralized tv. I love his humor and honesty and think that he and his brother @john (amazingly open and honest as well) make sense and wish their community all the best. I have a lot of respect for both of these guys!

My goal is to learn more about crypto, stick to my strategy and HODL untill it becomes generally accepted (and further). This automatically should give me more freedom and potential financial independancy as well (would be a nice thing).
I do think we are still at the beginning of quite a big change in what can be done with this new tech. I am a mechanical engineer and have developed a certain love for supporting in designing new software for new systems (on my job) from a users perspective point of view in combination with new tech (I am not able to code or write software).

On top of this all, I of course seen all the B90X video’s. There Peter showed quite some perseverance, well done.



I’m glad and truly grateful.
Thank you for introducing yourself mate.

**I was waiting for you Peter **

We have a lot things incoming, but to be honest with you I could wrestle with you about mistakes, but mostly (MOISTly) lessons.

I’m also intrigued about your day job :rollsafe:

The only way to do it you joining to discord as a Patron on https://www.patreon.com/pub

As you know, that YEN is coming, alfa class from cohorts just finished, soon beta will start and I want you to join me and other cohorts!

I believe there’s a need in the space for sharing weakness and mistakes with smile.
They are so many great people in the space but experts. Blue ocean idea.

Anyway, I’m waiting for you on the other side on Discord.


Hello CryptoNation,

  • My name’s Baptiste
  • I’m located in Paris, France
  • The 1st crypto i invested in were BTC and ETH in Feb 2017. I followed some of the ICO fever throughout 2017. Learned a lot, good and bad if you catch my drift
  • I would lie if i said i was only here for the knowledge. If i could reproduce the same smart investments as i’ve made with projects like ICON or WABI i would love it. Being a functional geek, i’m here to discover crypto innovations, sometimes take leap of faith but maintain most of my stack on major crypto
  • What excite me the most in this space is seeing the continuous adoption of crypto. How people are talking and dreaming about it, how media are so confused about, how trends and innovations are going and how there is SO MUCH TO LEARN. There isn’t a day where i don’t learn a new thing !
  • I subscribed a while ago to Decentralized TV, iun Sept 2017 i think, but never took the time to register myself in the pub. I’m trying now to repair such a mistake


Welcome to the pub! You will need to let us know how cryptos are being adopted in France.


A dude from the south of the U.K.

First bought some btc to get an alt

Goal: show the world the crypto space isn’t a scam and build it!, personal goal: build my own personal space

Being a part of a community that wants to get somewhere and not just pump and dump!

Back in the day some dude tried to buy some hardware from me in bitcoin, told him to do one, few years later started finding miners everywhere on equipment I maintain and thought this is the shiz!’ Personal life kicks i, third time lucky, it seeps through mainstream in nov 17 and I can’t ignore it anymore, been learning every day since. Started doing long drives and hit the podcasts a few months later. Didn’t really come across decentralised tv until summer 18 despite having pretty much every kind of chat group out there.

Listened To a few and Peter has great humour and jumped on here few weeks ago. Took me a while to get here as ( not dissing ) this site really hard to navigate for noob.

Anyway looking forward to jumping in, finding out where to go etc

Crypto 4tw


Great to have you here brother.


Welcome Peter! It’s great to have you On Board! :cowboy_hat_face: “Buckle In” and come on in the “Spaceship” :rocket: to the :full_moon: here in the Bitcoin Pub Yooooo! :doge:
Beginners- Help Section
Click this Link :point_up: If you have question we will do our very best to assist you! :beer: “Cheers!”


Thanks for the warm welcome. So we can relate to eachothers story :muscle: and just have to stick to the plan and look forward :smile::+1:.

I will check out multiple stories on the pub, I like it :ok_hand:


@thewaybackboy please introduce yourself brother! Great to have you here


D from Houston via Pittsburgh. Lawyer by trade, crypto enthusiast by heart. HODL a few coins, but my primary passion is pushing news regarding next gen blockchain technologies that will revolutionize this world as we know it. Huge fan of cool dapps, intriguing partnerships (ie BMW and $VET), and the Pittsburgh Steelers.


John kim

Dallas Texas but now all over pushing for adoption LTCevangelist


Retire do what I love

Decentralized Community is my goal


Welcome my man! Thanks so much for hooking me up with charlie lee!


Thanks for the good interview. He liked it. You did well my man.


Hey, I’m Eric from Colorado.
My first cryptocurrency was bitcoin because I believe in what it stands for.
Honestly this is all new to me and I’ve still got a long road of learning/grinding to get where I really want to be.
The feel that this community gives is a very welcoming and enlightening one. (And enlightenment is always appreciated.)
Gotta love that DCTV!!


Welcome @Johnkim77 great to have you here brother!


Hello Eric! Glad you joined Us in the PUB this community is from the MOON

Warm welcome for you to join Us on